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Last weekend, the audience was taken back to London, England during the Industrial Revolution for the musical "Oliver.".  Our students did a wonderful job bringing these well-loved characters to life.  Clarke Doig played the money-hungry Fagin with much enthusiasm. Amanda Hayes portrayed his thug-in-training The Artful Dodger with a little bounce to his step.  Sophomore Ellie Van Stee played the wide-eyed innocent Oliver who was helped along by the well-meaning but confused and abused Nancy, played with gusto by Jenny Baldwin. A fabulous supporting cast of Joshua Bootsma, Anna Lavery, Elijah Heyboer, Rachelle Clousing, Vince Williams, Alex Zebutis, Becka Brush and Liz Powers were joined by a talented bunch of "orphans" and "townspeople" who rounded out the cast.

Congratulations to the directors, cast and crew for another quality TC production!




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