Mr. Oliver Hersey


Personal Profile

My name is Oliver Hersey and I teach in the mathematics department at Timothy Christian. Obviously I love math and the great things that we can learn from wrestling with it, but believe it or not I do enjoy other areas of life besides the number world. I am huge Detroit sports fan. I was raised in the suburbs of Detroit and taught that no matter how terrible the team might be you still support them with pride.

Professional Profile

I graduated from Calvin College in Grand Rapids Michigan with a BA in secondary education mathematics. I have been teaching here at Timothy Christian since the fall of 2005. In addition to teaching Geometry and Algebra, I coach the Girls' Varsity Soccer Team.

Philosophical Profile

 I believe that each and every student can make a discovery in God’s creation. I continually teach in such a manner that allows the student to see the pattern and make the connection. Math can sometimes be one of the most challenging classes, thus I really emphasize the need for students to wrestle and struggle with the material. I believe that math is one of the many ways we can know God. Through its structure, consistency, and complexity we can deepen our understanding of God’s world.


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