Psalm 22:27 tells us that “all the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will bow down before him.” At Timothy Christian High School we celebrate this reminder of God’s sovereignty over all the nations of the world.  We welcome international students and have established our World View international student program to increase cultural diversity on our campus. All students are challenged to grow as academically prepared Christian disciples, but there are also many opportunities in and out of the classroom to share perspectives and traditions that reflect the nationalities and heritages of students. Together we extend and deepen our global awareness and appreciation for all of God’s creation.

Ryan DeKoekkoek

Ryan DeKoekkoek

International Program Director


In recent years the international student program at Timothy Christian High School has consisted of students from Denmark, Italy, South Korea, Thailand, and China. We hope to add more countries to the list in the future.

Timothy Christian High School welcomes international students who are:

  • academically motivated and responsible
  • reasonably skilled in English (submission of TOEFL Jr. Comprehensive or iTEP Slate Plus tests are a required part of the process)
  • willing to participate in extra-curricular activities
  • eager to learn about and share world cultures and traditions
  • respectful of differences in world cultures and values
  • flexible as new members of a host family


Timothy is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students. With the assistance of various agencies (link to a page with the agencies), Timothy Christian High School enrolls students into grades 9, 10, and 11. Students must attend Timothy Christian for at least two years to be eligible to receive a high school diploma. Listed below are the criteria for admission:

  • The student and parents must understand and comply with the mission of Timothy Christian Schools to provide students with a faith-based education in which all subjects, as well as extra-curricular activities, are presented from a Reformed Christian perspective.
  • The student must be willing to fully participate in school, host family,and church activities.
  • The student must provide evidence of emotional stability, good conduct, and adequate social skills.
  • The student must demonstrate academic English proficiency as determined by the school.
  • The student must demonstrate character qualities of integrity, self-discipline and motivation, consistent effort, and respectful behavior.
  • The student must live with the host family provided by the school.
  • The student must arrive in Chicago by the annual date assigned by the World View coordinator.

What does the World View program look like at Timothy Christian High School?

A required orientation will be held in August that include:

  • a tour of the school
  • receipt of class schedule, books, locker, and chapel seat assignment
  • an introduction to typical expectations of American teachers regarding classroom discussion, group work, and critical thinking
  • a time to talk about Christian school culture and values
  • discussion about how to adjust to a new culture and new experiences
  • a visit to Chicago and some of its well-known tourist spots
  • games and fun activities
  • a shared meal among students and their host families

Academic Support for World View students:

  1. After-school group tutoring: Students are required to attend tutoring after school with particular attention paid to English and social studies. Students will receive support so as to especially improve their reading and writing skills.
  2. Private tutoring is optional but may be required for some students (as an additional expense).

World View academic counselor: prepares and guides students through the college application process.

World View Coordinator: keeps in close contact with World View students during the school year and facilitates and communicates social activities to students and host families.

Social Activities:

  1. Monthly social activities (dinners, outings, activity nights) are organized by the World View coordinator so that international and American students can get to know each other outside of the classroom and enjoy each
    other’s company.
  2. International students are required to get involved in some functions of the school community.
  3. Live with a host family
  4. World View students live with American families and are expected to participate in their family’s daily life.
  5. Living with a host family will strengthen World View students’ english skills and help them on a personal level to understand American culture.
  6. Host families are chosen after background checks, personal interviews, and home inspections.


The World View International Student Program exists to build relationships and foster understanding between diverse cultures.  No role is more important than that of our host families. While our high school can offer an authentic American high school experience, through our host families we can provide a unique Christian family experience to our international students. Whether they are hosting for a school year or during our short term summer programs, the importance of our host families cannot be overstated.

Families from the Timothy community decide to host for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to provide a cross-cultural experience for their own family, while others have a desire to minister to young people with all that God has blessed them.  From families with school-age children to empty-nesters, families in all seasons of life are welcome!

Email Ryan DeKoekkoek, International Program Director for more information on becoming a host family.

Additional information:

  • While the majority of our students come for China and South Korea, we have had students from other countries as well.
  • A host family’s commitment is for one year with an opportunity to continue, if the family desires.
  • Host families provide room and board and receive $800 a month to cover expenses.
  • The student’s natural parents provide for all other expenses, i.e., spending money, toiletries, school supplies etc.
  • Host families can request a preference for a male or female.
  • The World View program provides orientation, monthly activities, student dinners, group tutoring, etc. for students.
  • The World View program provides a host parent orientation and quarterly host parent meetings.
  • The World View coordinator is on call to serve host families and students during the school year with any issue that may arise.
  • Host families are not expected to manage their student’s grades or academic issues.
  • Regardless of the students’ religious backgrounds, they are required to participate in all family church activities