MIddle School Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Jackie SeremakMIddle School Administrative Assistant
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Full Day Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Sandy SchommerFull Day Kindergarten Teacher

Personal Profile

"There are so many things that you 
really should know.
And that’s why I’m bothering telling you so.
Young Cat, if you keep your eyes open enough,
Oh the stuff you will le

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Eighth Grade Language Arts
Mr. Zach SchutteEighth Grade Language Arts

Personal Profile

Before coming to Timothy Christian, I spent 14 years growing up in Sioux Center, IA. I graduated from Calvin Christian High School in Grandville, MI in 2009. I recently was married

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K-8 Social Worker
Mrs. Michele SchwarzK-8 Social Worker

Personal Profile

I live in Montgomery with my husband, Scott. We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary.   Together, we have the privilege of raising our four amazing kids: Jeremy, Ryan, Mia and

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Administrative Assistant, HS
Mrs. Barb StollAdministrative Assistant, HS
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Seventh Grade Language Arts
Ms. Casey StraussSeventh Grade Language Arts

Personal Profile

I grew up in nearby Hinsdale, Illinois, and attended the University of Iowa for my undergraduate education. I love heading downtown to visit my family and explore the city. My favor

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Math Teacher
Mr. Jim SnoeyinkMath Teacher

Personal Profile

My wife Pat and I grew up in Michigan and still have most of our family there. Pat has been a “stay-at-home” mom and has been doing daycare for 25+ years. We have three children

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Eighth Grade Social Studies
Mrs. Judy SytsmaEighth Grade Social Studies

Personal Profile

I feel so blessed! I was able to be a stay at home mom for twenty years and then enter the profession that I always dreamed of – being a teacher. My husband Tom (1973) and I (1975

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