Faith Development


Some places develop characters. At Timothy Christian Schools we have our share of characters too, but we’re really in the business of developing character: the character of Jesus Christ we know as the fruit of the Spirit.


Faith development—the growing of Christian disciples—is the connected work of home, church, and school.  In our work with students it helps to know that we are singing out of the same songbook.


If we listen well, students tell us stories of salvation.  They report sightings of God’s grace in Christ.  And a Christian academic community can steer these stories in the direction of character and faith development.


Often those moments come in the consideration of the basic questions of life, asked in one form or another at different stages of life, even among the youngest here: 


  • What do I live for?
  • What would I die for?
  • What am I made of?
  • What do I stand for?


Timothy Christian Schools encourages students to become disciples on the other side of salvation.  And what is a disciple?  An apprentice.  Someone who follows Jesus.  Listens.  Learns.  And is in it for the long haul.

And where does this faith development happen? In the classroom to be sure, from what students hear from teachers and see in teachers. And in worship, in play, in the hard work of homework and testing. Just about everywhere you look at Timothy, we strive to develop academically prepared disciples of Jesus Christ.