School History and Philosophy


   Fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers: these are the people through whom God may perpetuate the Christian faith.  Like young Timothy of the New Testament, students at Timothy Christian Schools often owe the sincerity of their faith to the Christian families in which they are raised.

For four generations, the schools have served as an extension of the home, and a partner with the church, in Christian education.  Our roots are planted in the Bible, grow out of the writings of the Protestant Reformation, and can be traced to our founding in 1911 by a group of parents who were members of the Christian Reformed Church.

     Our blessings are many.  Thanks to the support of the Timothy community, we've built a beautiful campus, attracted excellent teachers and staff, developed fine academic programs, and seen our students thrive and commit themselves to lives of Christian service.

     Every program at Timothy - from mathematics to music, from business to basketball - is done with the knowledge that God created people and gave us the universe to explore and enjoy.  This knowledge inspires us to pursue the highest possible quality in everything we do.

     Every child at Timothy - from the highly gifted to those requiring remedial help - is viewed as a gift from God and an image bearer of Christ.  This vision is the motivation for the loving care and attention we provide to our students.

     Our schools are an extension of Christian family life, and we take seriously our obligation to be partners with parents in providing the best possible education for our students.  From preschool to high school graduation, Timothy is dedicated to bringing every student to his or her highest potential: academically, socially, and spiritually.

     The success of our efforts is evident in the lives of former Timothy students.  No matter what path they ultimately choose - college or technical school, professional life or a career in trade - our graduates have a solid foundation upon which to build an abundant life.  They grow up to become dedicated family members, good citizens, and leaders in their churches and communities.  They are witnesses to the enduring value of a Christian upbringing and a quality Christian education.