Timothy Fund - Contribute to help keep Timothy affordable for all families


Each year Timothy conducts an annual fund drive known as the Timothy Fund. The Timothy Fund is a vital component of the school’s finances. Because tuition revenue alone does not cover all of our costs, your contributions also help to keep Timothy within the financial reach of all of our families.

Annual contributions from our constituents are used to meet our school’s highest priorities in a given fiscal year.  Your contributions help each one of our students all year long. Most of all by supplying the resources that are needed to support our academic programs, day-to-day campus operations, and extracurricular activities.

The Timothy Fund supports every aspect of our school’s mission and vision. Whenever we are able to go beyond the Timothy Fund drive goal, we are able to address some of our program dreams in significant ways. This year’s goal is $550,000.  

The Timothy Fund grows through contributions from:

  • Parents
  • Alumni
  • “Sustaining Friends” who pledge an annual amount for the long haul
  • Grandparents and other constituents
  • Chicago area business and industry support
  • Matching gift programs sponsored by corporations and constituent businesses
TCS Alumni and Friends Circle $50 – $999

Members of “circles” are Timothy graduates and friends whose yearly gifts demonstrate commitment to our current students.

Red and White Circle  $1,000 – $4,999

Donors in this category play a significant role in supporting the everyday educational and extracurricular activities that occur at TCS.

1911 Circle  $5,000 – $14,999

Named for the year that Timothy Christian Schools was established, Annual gifts and commitments from this group ensure the support and stability necessary for TCS to remain vibrant for many years to come.

Superintendent’s Partner $15,000+

Significant contributions from this group ensure the success of the Timothy Fund in meeting the school’s goals and priorities in a given year.

Thanks to you for your generosity and faithful support. By God’s grace we were able to achieve our goals and exceed last year’s dollar goal of $550,000 and our donor goal exceeded our expectations as over 2,900 constituents gave to last year’s fund.   We would sincerely appreciate your support again this year and your involvement in reaching this year’s goal.  The Fund Drive for this year is being initiated and managed with minimal costs to the school so that these savings can also be applied to the Timothy Fund goal.  

For more information about the Timothy Fund please contact Robert Venhousen the Director of Advancement at 630-782-4072 or e-mail him at venhousen@timothychristian.com.