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As you know, we have been in active pursuit of campus improvements in recent years. We have renovated and upgraded most of our existing campus and we have added an additional 60,000(+/-) square feet in new construction. Incredibly the grand total of campus improvements (buildings and grounds) is hovering around $35,000,000.00 since 2010. Even more impressive is that we have been able to accomplish this through fundraising and contributions, thus maintaining the coveted status of being debt free as an organization. This also allows us to maintain tuition levels that are below any area private school of similar size and programming. Timothy Christian School truly delivers “more” for “less”.

Although it is impossible to accurately predict enrollment from year-to-year and it is equally difficult to increase enrollment every year, we have experienced growth for four consecutive years. Moreover, we continue to achieve in the classroom and we are moving further down the path of a customized education for each student. We just received the ACT results from our most recent senior class and we are proud to announce the highest average composite ACT score (25) in school history! Our performing arts are excelling and drawing large crowds at concerts, musicals, and plays; and our athletic teams are competing with class, sportsmanship, and an extraordinary level of success. Other curricular and extra-curricular courses, clubs, and groups are thriving, and we have launched multiple new initiatives in recent years as well.

We remain agile and adaptable in our practices, but steadfast and immovable in our purpose. In other words, our accomplishments are a reflection of our mission to maximize the potential of each student to the glory of God.

As we move ahead, perhaps the most frequent question I receive from our community is “WHAT’S NEXT?” I have found the most time consuming and yet also highly energizing part of my job is to dream about and plan for what is next. I can honestly say that I don’t recall the last time that things were slow or the last time our school stopped to “smell the roses.” Our school board and foundation board are both visionary groups, and we spend considerable time on “what’s next.” So lately I have worked closely with our school board and our foundation board in identifying areas of material interest (AMI) for our school. In other words, we have been aggressively adding and improving buildings…but can we also add real estate (land)? Can we add to our footprint in Elmhurst?

Believe it or not, the answer is “YES!”

Please take a moment to review the other attachment for a reference as you read the narrative below:

1. You will note that we will soon add a parking lot on the southwest corner of Butterfield and Prospect for our early education parents and staff. We purchased this property (nearly 1 acre) a few years ago and just recently received approvals from the city of Elmhurst for the parking lot. The parking lot will have 61 stalls and will provide for safer and more convenient parking than opening-and-closing car doors on the street or walking long distances across campus to get to the pre-school and kindergarten entrance. It will also alleviate congestion on campus that we have all experienced. Of course we will have a crossing guard posted during peak hours. We hope to start construction in the spring or summer of 2019. 2. Additionally you will note on the rendering that we have acquired over 15,000 square feet of property to our east. We were able to successfully negotiate a deal with the city of Elmhurst to acquire this 25’ strip of land adjacent to our soccer/track stadium. Although the timing is entirely speculative at this point, our long range goal is to expand and significantly upgrade our soccer/track stadium. If you have a son/daughter in soccer or track, you certainly know that our soccer field is narrow and plagued with flooding issues, and our track is only six lanes (instead of a standard eight). We have consulted with our engineers and architects, and this additional space will allow for us to someday build a first-class stadium. Once again, the timing of this project is entirely speculative at this point.

In an area such as Elmhurst, it is quite remarkable that we have added over 1.25 acres of land to our campus! I am grateful for our strong relationship with the city of Elmhurst. We are excited about the opportunities that are ahead of us with these land acquisitions and the future plans that accompany each parcel. Please consider yourself an ambassador of Timothy Christian School and continue to help spread the word about our amazing school!

If you would like to hear more or get involved in our fundraising efforts, please reach out to me using the contact information below.

With God all things are possible and the best adventures are still ahead.


Matt Davidson davidson@timothychristian.com
office: 630-782-4044
mobile: 623-853-7507

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