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We are tremendously blessed by the commitment of our School Board.  They are a united team with unwavering courage, inspiring vision, and a contagious passion for Christian education.

Our school is widely considered one of the premier schools in all of Chicagoland and one of the flagships for Christian Schools International (CSI).  We have an excellent program of education, a strong arts program with a rich tradition, an athletic program noted for high achievement, and an unwavering conviction to train, equip and inspire this generation of young people to change the world for Jesus Christ. 

We are a school of multiple generations and yet also a school with many new families joining the team each year.  Over 240 churches are represented at Timothy Christian School and over 55 different communities.  Our school operates without debt and holds Foundation assets over $4.7MM, while maintaining one of the lowest tuition rates in the area among comparable schools.  Moreover, we have raised and invested over $30MM into our school campus, facilities, programs, and initiatives since 2010!  And, yes, our enrollment continues to grow.  The list goes on…but you get the picture—we have a great school!

Our school is strong primarily due to the leadership of our school board and their conviction to work unto the glory of God.  God has used this group to dream big, to pursue successful outcomes, and to achieve great things.  We have several board members finishing their term this year.  Although some will stay on for another term, others are departing from their role on the board.  It is appropriate to honor these board members who are finishing strong. Please take a moment to review the bio of these outgoing board members below…and be sure to say “thanks” the next time you see them.  God has used each of them in mighty ways.

Paul Buikema. Paul has always been someone that I admire, and his commitment to our school has been extraordinary. He has faithfully served on the Finance & Operations Committee, the Donor Relations Committee, and the Executive Committee. As a lawyer, Paul has brought great insights and best practice into many areas of our school. He is a man of God, a brilliant lawyer, and I fully trust him. He has been generous with his time, and our school has been blessed by Paul in so many ways that most people will never know. Paul is a leader with genuine humility. I can’t recall ever hearing a negative word about Paul. He asks questions…he challenges the status quo…he is always honest…and his motivation on the board has fully been to honor God and to do what is best for our students. Paul is a champion for our school.

Linda Heyboer. Everyone loves Linda! Many of you will recall that she faithfully served in our grade school office for many years. Linda has been a strong leader in our Education Committee and Marketing Committee. During her term, both committees have seen measurable growth and accomplishments. Linda prefers to avoid the spotlight and possesses an authentic humility. She puts others first…and this biblical trait has always made Linda an approachable person. She is “in tune” with our community, and I am grateful for her role as a genuine listener. I can’t possibly count the number of times I’ve said “That’s a good idea!” in speaking with Linda. She is a practical thinker has always been known as someone who gets things done. Linda is a confidant and loyal to our school. She is a friend of Timothy.

Rob Orange. Rob has served on our Extra-Curricular Committee and Technology Committee for many years. His leadership in both committees has been powerful, and we have witnessed positive change in these arenas during his tenure. Rob is dependable and steady. He is contemplative and strategic. He is a man of biblical wisdom and he is “all in” for our school. He knows so many of our students and has invested in their lives. He roots for our youth and believes in them. Rob has also been a strong voice in the local area for our school and a faithful ambassador. Those who know Rob would all agree that you can always count on him. Rob is finishing a second term on the board and has played a significant role in many historic achievements along the way. He has been a rock on our board and his steady influence will be missed.

Vickie Trotter. We have been blessed to have Vickie on the board. She has served on the Education Committee and the Extra-Curricular Committee. She has a strong educational background herself and presently serves in a leadership role at the DuPage County Regional Office of Education. Vickie loves kids and she loves Jesus. These two passions are always a great combination at Timothy Christian School. She carries herself with a quiet strength. She is genuine and humble and insightful. Vickie and her family hold respect and appreciation in our community. If you have been to any middle school athletic or musical events over the last few years, then you have likely met Vickie and seen her in the audience cheering on our students with pride.

In summary, these departing board members are passionate about Timothy Christian School.  They love our school, our families, our students…and they love Jesus.  These board members have demonstrated a “GO BEYOND” type of commitment in every regard.  I have been blessed and honored to serve them and to serve with them in the advancement of the mission of Timothy Christian School.

Very Truly Yours for the Mission of Timothy Christian School,
Matt Davidson, Superintendent

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