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Written by Sureya Alex, Class of 2021

George Bosman and Ken Huizinga have been behind Timothy’s score table since 1967. They have been scorekeepers for 2,650 games and counting. Half a century later, they were o€ffcially inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association (IBCA) Hall of Fame for the Friends of the Game category in May.


Their journey together began long before their score table days. The friends met in grade school and have lived near each other ever since. After going to separate high schools, Bosman and Huizinga attended college together. Afterwards, they served as teachers at Timothy as well as becoming involved in the athletic programs.

George and Ken

Did you mail in your guess and play along? (See page 52 in the recently published Reflector). George Bosman is #7 and Ken Huizinga is #5.

Bosman taught math and language arts for forty-two years. Huizinga taught science and math for thirty-nine. The two also spent time coaching boys and girls basketball at various levels while scorekeeping. With their coaching experience, they started a Saturday morning basketball league and worked with the Timothy varsity programs. In the league, the varsity players coached and re‘ed grade school kids. Their coaching helped spark interest and promote high school basketball at Timothy. They both have children that have competed in Timothy’s basketball programs. Starting in the fall they will both have grandchildren that attend Timothy. Huizinga’s two sons were former Timothy players and are now assistant coaches on the boys varsity basketball team.

“George Bosman and Ken Huizinga have been a staple for Timothy Christian boys and girls basketball. They are true, passionate professionals and have developed great relationships with the thousands of o€ffcials and coaches who have worked games at our school. We are fortunate to have such incredibly skilled people represent Timothy Christian High School,” says Jack LeGrand, Timothy Christian’s Athletic Director.



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