The doors to Timothy Christian Schools first opened to students over a 100 years ago. Many things have changed over time—we’ve grown, we’ve expanded our campus—but what has stayed constant are our core Christian values. From our youngest preschool students, to seniors getting ready to embark on their next journey, we are committed to providing each student distinct instruction, training, guidance, and mentoring from a Biblical perspective.

It’s this Biblical worldview that is at the heart of our mission. And it’s what makes Timothy Christian Schools different. We are committed to high academic standards, athletic traditions, and artistic excellence, and we encourage our students to hone their gifts in preparation for a lifetime of Christian service. Timothy Christian Schools’ students are academically prepared disciples of Christ who help transform the world.

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Serving God and His people, Timothy Christian Schools develops academically prepared Christian disciples who embrace Christ’s call to transform the world.


Timothy Christian Schools will be distinctly Christian in its community, curriculum, character and convictions.   

  1. We reflect God’s kingdom by serving Christian families from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds and students who possess a wide range of abilities.
  2. We cooperate with Christian homes and churches in the education and faith development of our students.
  3. We demonstrate love for one another in our work and play.
  4. We challenge students to serve in a global community.
  5. We teach and study in the Reformed Christian tradition which drives us to be Biblically based, culturally engaged, and always reforming.
  6. We nurture creativity and curiosity through meaningful curriculum and effective instruction.
  7. We develop and encourage the gifts and talents of one another to serve Christ and renew His creation.
  8. We seek wisdom that applies knowledge to gain understanding and spiritual discernment.
  9. We prepare students to be articulate defenders and models of the Christian faith in thought, word, and deed.
  10. We inspire all students to be countercultural disciples who are beacons of light in the world.


Statement of Financial Position

We recognize the need to operate a financially sound organization. We desire to keep tuition at affordable levels, and yet we also desire to hire and retain the best teachers while providing the best programs to our students.

We apply Biblically grounded stewardship principles to our money management, and we are presently in a very enviable position to other Christian schools. Our Foundation assets are in the vicinity of $4MM, and we do not carry any debt. This is not the norm in private schools today; however, we desire to remain fiscally strong through the creation of sustainable budgets from year-to-year.


Demographics & Diversity

We strive to mirror the kingdom of heaven at Timothy Christian Schools. A diverse student population is something that we are proud of and it’s one of the ways that we can live this reflection. We have a racially diverse student population. Our buses help draw families from 55 different cities and towns. Our Biblical teachings appeal to families from over 260 different church congregations.


  • 20 Students on Average, Per Class
  • 55 Different Cities and Towns
  • 25 Sports Teams
  • 260+ Churches Represented
  • 20 Extracurricular Activities
  • 1,000+ Students K–12
  • 110+ Teachers & Staff
  • 8 Administrators


Timothy’s roots are planted in the Bible and grow out of the writings of the Protestant Reformation. Its inception dates back to 1911 when a small group of parents founded Timothy Christian Schools. Over the years, Timothy Christian has established a name for itself in the Chicagoland community as a private school that offers a high-quality education from a Biblical perspective. As a result, parents from many different denominations desiring a Christian education with academic rigor send their children to Timothy. True to its roots, Timothy remains parent-run today.