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Health, Wellness, & Covid-19

We’re Ready To Welcome Our Students Back To Campus — 5 days a week, all day!

We have a plan to get our students safely back on campus in August. (And we have a remote option, too.)

What will school look like this fall?

Elementary and middle school principal, Justin Horne, discusses what school will look like this fall with Troy, Timothy's mascot.
After continued prayer and consultation with experts, our plan remains to return to campus for in-person learning on August 19th. Additionally, we have a model-of-excellence remote learning program of education for those who prefer that option for now. Our academic and health plans are aligned with the guidance from the Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Department of Public Health. It is important to note that the guidance was changed to include social distancing “as much as possible.” Based on our interpretation, we believe our plan meets this criteria. 

We will host interactive and informative virtual town hall, or more accurately living room, meetings on August 4, 5, and 6. Keep an eye out for more details, which we will post on our website and push out via email. Additionally, we are intending to share a symptoms checklist for parents, a decision tree regarding quarantine protocols, possible coaching on helping young children wear masks as needed, etc. (We are waiting on the health department for some of this.) In other words, in early August we will provide plenty of detail! If you have questions unique to your family, please reach out to your building principal.

We’ve all seen significant uncertainty over the last several months, and clearly there are questions about the future as well. It seems likely that an abundance of questions will persist as decision-makers across the country go back-and-forth. Timothy will respond swiftly and yet responsibly every step of the way, and it is important to remember that this is temporary. For now, please take some time to carefully review the FAQ's below for pertinent information related to the 2020-2021 school year.

In summary, please know that we are working around the clock on behalf of your family. We know these are important decisions, and our prayers are with each home in this process. We humbly ask that you remain a part of Timothy Christian Schools. Although we have spent countless hours in planning and preparation, it remains our conviction that the #1 thing we can all do is pray. Mark 9:23 Our mission has never been more urgent and important. There are forces at work against Christian education and Biblical truth...and these same forces want to invade the hearts and minds of our young people. Timothy Christian Schools stands in the gap and fights alongside the home. For the glory of God, we stand with you. Press on, Timothy. Psalm 121

Please review our Health Plan Summary, Education Plan Summary, and FAQ's below.

First page of the PDF file: HealthSummaryFinal
Timothy Christian Schools Health Summary 1.0
First page of the PDF file: EducationSummaryFinal
Timothy Christian Education Plan Summary 1.0

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

View Timothy's complete 26-page health, Safety, and Wellness plan.


The Illinois State Board of Education in concert with the Illinois Department of Public Health has released their plans for on-campus learning. LINK: IDPH & ISBE STARTING THE 2020–21 SCHOOL YEAR

Questions about Timothy's health plan? Please contact Erica Plaisier, School Nurse.

Research & Guiding Documents

CDC Activities and Initiatives Supporting the COVID-19 Response and the President’s Plan for Opening America Up Again (May 2020)

A PLAN TO SAFELY REOPEN AMERICA’S SCHOOLS AND COMMUNITIES Guidance for imagining a new normal for public education, public health and our economy in the age of COVID-19 (From American Federation of Teachers May 2020)

CDC Reopening Decision Tree (May 2020) 

According to the Restore Illinois plan for opening education in Phase 3 and Phase 4, it says, “With IDPH approved safety guidance.” The most current guidance can be found here. 

ISBE Transition guidance - Part 3 Within that guidance is this useful checklist for the Timothy task force.

Also within the IDPH guidance is a link to the CDC guidance. Scroll down to the last two sections in the document; those are the most helpful at the current time and with Timothy’s vision of reopening in the fall.

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