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Go Beyond.

High School

Go Beyond instruction; inspire leadership

From personalized and targeted instruction in the classroom to opportunity-based clubs that give our students real-world experiences, there is an intentional effort to combine challenging programs with a culture that encourages a Christ-centered community. We want our students to live up to their full God-given potential, and we train them to be courageous followers of Christ.


Timothy Christian High School is the recipient of the U.S. Department of Education 2019 Blue Ribbon Award. The Department recognized Timothy Christian High School as an Exemplary High Performing School.




Our test scores are up! 

While test scores have declined regionally and nationally, Timothy Christian Schools ACT and SAT scores have risen over the past 4 years.

SAT Cumulative 1225
ACT Composite 26.8


What we aspire to do — educate servant leaders — has not changed for over a hundred years. For generations, teachers, coaches, and staff have helped students identify and nurture their God-given gifts and talents. 

3 National Merit Finalists
2 National Merit Semi-Finalists
9 Merit Commended Students

more than 1.7 million high school juniors gathered in gymnasiums and classrooms across the country to take the PSAT/NMSQT, a modified version of the SAT that determines who is eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Program. Out of those 1.7 million juniors, only 50,000 were recognized by the program, and only 34,000 of those students received letters of commendation. The top 1% of all scorers became National Merit Semifinalists, and the top 8,000 students—⅕ of a percent of the original test takers— were named National Merit Finalists. Three of those 8,000 are timothy students. 


Mean Cumulative SAT: 1208
Mean EBRW SAT: 614
Mean Math: 593

English ACT: 27.1
Math ACT: 25.6
Reading ACT: 27.3
Sci. R. ACT: 25.3
Composite ACT: 26.4

AP™ Classes & Scores

AP 2D Art and Design: 3.8
AP Biology: 3.71
AP Calculus AB¹: 3.57
AP Computer Science A²
AP English Literature & Composition¹ : 4.19
AP Human Geography: 4.19
AP Physics 1³: 4.21
AP Physics 2³: 4.14
AP Spanish Language & Culture: 3.88
AP Statistics²
AP Studio Art & Design: 3.83
AP US Government & Politics: 3.84
AP US History: 3.77

119 Students took 234 AP™ exams with an average exam score of 3.90. 90% of the scores were equal to or better than 3.0.

¹ Through Colorado Christian University
² Independent Study Through Sevenstar™
³ Algebra-Based

High school graduate smiling at the camera wearing a cap and gown.

Dual Credit & HOnors Classes

H Chemistry¹
H Physics
H Biology
H Pre-Calculus
H Algebra 2
H Geometry
H English 11
H English 10
H English 9
H Spanish 4
Probability & Statistics4
Calculus 24

¹ Through Colorado Christian University
4 Grand Canyon University 

Opportunities for Every Student

Over half of all high school students participate in two or more activities and can choose from over 24 Clubs & Extracurriculars. 

At Timothy, we’re small enough that a student can dive into lots of different clubs and activities, yet big enough to be competitive. From leadership positions in DECA to creating inspiring music in orchestra, there’s a place for every student. Participation in many different extracurricular activities makes our students college, career, and life ready.

Young Life Chapter for High SChool Students

What is Young Life? Parents, students, friends, and family members all want to know what this Timothy organization is all about. In short, Young Life is a Christian organization that shares the gospel with teens in a fun and exciting way.

Learn More

High School Unstoppable Bible Study

If you give teenagers an extra hour to sleep on a school day, they will take it. This is why it is such an unusual sight to see 50-100 Timothy Christian High School students file into the Ward Athletic Center on Wednesday mornings at 8:30 am.

Learn More

Course Offerings

Art 1
Ceramics 1
Ceramics 2
Graphic Design
Photography 1
Photography 2
Video Production
AP Studio Art
Bible Themes
Christian Thought
Theology and Ethics
Business Education
Computer Applications
Introduction to Business
Investment Management
Virtual Enterprises International
Computer (Sevenstar)
AP Computer Science A
Foundations of Programming
Game Design
Dual Enrollment (Grand Canyon University)
English 1
English 1 H
English 2
English 2 H
English 3
English 3 H
College Writing
Contemporary Literature
Creative Writing
Journalism and Media Literacy
Short Fiction
Speculative Fiction
English AP Literature
Family and Consumer Science
Applied Skills
Child Development/Parenting
Clothing 1
Clothing 2
Foods 1
Foods 2
Independent Living
Interior Design
Health and Physical Education
Health/PE 9
Girls PE 10-12
Boys PE 10-12
Strength Training
Algebra 1
H Geometry
Algebra 2
H Algebra 2
H Pre-Calculus
AP Calculus AB
Advanced Math
Math Lab
Concert Chorale¹
H Concert Chorale¹
Contemporary Musicianship
Mixed Choir
Music Theory
String Orchestra
H String Orchestra
Symphonic Band
H Symphonic Band
¹ may take on alternating days with orchestra or band
Earth Systems Science
H Biology
H Chemistry²
Forensic Science
H Physics
AP Physics
AP Biology
² dual credit available
Social Studies
Western Civilization
AP Human Geography
World History
U.S. History
AP U.S. History
U.S. Government
AP U.S. Government
³ AP Psychology (Sevenstar)
Innovation and Design Lab 1
Innovation and Design Lab 2
Innovation and Design Lab 3
Innovation and Design Lab 4
Spanish 1
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
H Spanish 4
AP Spanish Language
World Language (Mizzou Academy)

High School Clubs

ACES (Academic Challenge)
Chapel Committee
Chess Club
Bridge builders club
Drama Club
Fine Arts
Mock Trial
Peer Tutoring
Pit Orchestra
Scholastic Bowl
Strategy Gaming Club
Student Council
Technology Club
Vex Robotics
Worldview Club
  • Academics

For the third consecutive year, the Timothy Christian VEI program qualified for the National Business Plan Competition.

For the third consecutive year, the Timothy Christian VEI program qualified for the National Business Plan Competition. The VEI Business Plan team (Natalia Dziura, Dylan Laslo, Clare McQuade, Jon Tameling, Chloe Wetterquist, and Tyler Wolterstorff ) competed in the National Business Plan Competition on Thursday, April 11 in New York City. The competition included the top 44 teams in the the country. Despite not advancing past the first round, the team delivered an excellent presentation and learned valuable lessons from the experience.

Leading up to the competition, the students drafted a comprehensive 20-page business plan, which was submitted at the end of March. The business plan accounted for 30% of the final score. During the event, the team presented a dynamic ten minute pitch (50%) followed by a rigorous ten minute question and answer session (20%).

The students did an amazing job and continue to reach new heights each year in the VEI program.  

As part of the national conference, the VEI students showcased their talents at the International Trade Show, competing in Best Booth and Sales Presentation categories. Core Inc. earned Silver recognition for Sales Presentation, placing among the top 20 out of 225 firms. With virtual sales totaling $246,000, Core Inc. emerged from Nationals with a resounding success.

VEI is a student-directed program that simulates a real business environment within the classroom. With over 3000 similar firms worldwide, Timothy Christian High School's VEI program provides hands-on experience in business operations. Students assume various roles, make daily business decisions, and manage the firm throughout a fiscal year, culminating in an annual report. The VEI classroom mirrors the dynamics of a professional workplace, fostering practical skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

If you are interested in seeing the VEI firm in action, they would love for you to come by for a visit.  Contact Mr. Frank Romano (  to set-up an appointment.  To learn more about the VEI program visit 

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Timothy's ACES team won the State Championship for the second year in a row.

Timothy's ACES team won the State Championship for the second year in a row. ACES stands for the Academic Challenge in Engineering and Science and is considered a highly competitive academic battle of private and public school scholars across Illinois.

Individual awards include:  English: Clarissa Chen-2nd in state; Austin Zeilstra-3rd in state. Biology: Cassidy Cochlan-1st in state; Clarissa Chen-4th in state. Physics: Aiden Hoogstra-1st in state; Austin Zeilstra-2nd in state; David La Barbera-4th in state.

All of those scores (and others) added up to a State Championship! Well done, ACES! You've worked hard for many years, and you've demonstrated the importance of teamwork. Hats off to our legendary coach, Carlton Rink, and all of the faculty of Timothy Christian Schools for their efforts in igniting this level of academic growth in our young men and women.

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  • Academics

Even though the Pythagorean theorem is introduced in 8th grade, Ms. Perley’s 5th grade advanced students were up for the challenge.

Pop quiz! What’s the Pythagorean theorem? If you need help jogging your memory, just ask Ms. Joy Perley’s 5th grade math MTSS group. They completed a week-long, hands-on exploration of the Pythagorean theorem.

Ms. Perley is the PS-8th grade Advanced Learning Teacher. Students are assigned to her small groups through MTSS, or Multi-Tiered System of Support, which provides every elementary school student with small group instruction and individualized attention, no matter whether they need academic support, enrichment, or extension. Small groups are developed through data-driven decisions, so every student receives individually-customized instruction at exactly the level they need.

Even though the Pythagorean theorem is introduced in 8th grade, Ms. Perley’s 5th grade students were up for the challenge. But to keep them engaged, she got creative! To understand this fundamental theorem, students started off by drawing on centimeter grid paper to discover that the sum of the squares of a right triangle's sides a and b is equal to the square of the triangle's hypotenuse c.

They then manipulated paper squares and triangles to complete the well-known Proof by Rearrangement. Having solidified their understanding of what Pythagoras actually proposed, students then applied the formula to solve a variety of problems involving Pythagorean triples (sets of three positive integers a, b, c); for each problem, they either had to determine a certain side length, a triangle's perimeter, the area of a triangle, or the area of a square of a specific side.

For the culmination of the project, students then learned about radicals by creating a Spiral of Theodorus, a series of right triangles arranged so that the hypotenuse of the previous triangle becomes a leg of the next triangle.

For many students, it was their first time working with square roots; each student used their creativity to turn their spiral into a colorful rendering of an animal, such as a parrot, dragon, hermit crab, or a snail. Finally, the class created display folders of the various steps as a take-home reminder of all that they had learned.

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Timothy's Vex Robotics Team 4454B had the honor of earning a coveted spot in The Create US Open, alongside other top teams from across the country and even several international teams.

Timothy's Vex Robotics Team 4454B had the honor of earning a coveted spot in The Create US Open, alongside other top teams from across the country and even several international teams. The Create US Open is an invitational and one of the largest robotics tournaments in the world. Team 4454B finished in the Sweet Sixteen of their division! Next up: The State Competition this weekend with hopes of advancing from there.

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Seniors Jeremiah Anema and Austin Zeilstra have both been named to the Class A First Team All-State in Scholastic Bowl.

Seniors Jeremiah Anema and Austin Zeilstra have both been named to the Class A First Team All-State in Scholastic Bowl. This team consists of the top 10 Class A Scholastic Bowl players in Illinois for 2024. There are only two classes in Scholastic Bowl for the entire state. Only 10 scholars make the First Team — and two are from Timothy! So 20% of the First Team Class A Scholastic Bowl All-State is from Timothy Christian Schools! Scholastic Bowl wrapped up their season with an incredible 50-12 record. 

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