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Kindergarten at Timothy Christian Schools is a place where a child is free to learn and explore. It is also a place where each activity is intentional so a child can learn about God and His world through music, movement, arts and crafts, language development, and cooperative play. At Timothy our teachers foster each child’s spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth. Kindergarten at Timothy gives students a strong foundation for future academic success.
Timothy Christian Schools Kindergarten


School truly becomes an extension of home as parents and teachers pray for students, share a Biblical worldview, and remain in lock-step, as they seek to train and equip students for life.

Full day kindergarten: 8:15 am-2:52 pm

Half-day morning kindergarten: 8:15 am-noon

Progressive Kindergarten

Progressive begins the school year as a morning half-day, but will gradually add full days over the course of the year. This gradual increase of the school day helps prepare students for a full day of first grade. The Progressive Kindergarten schedule is: 

November: students attend school for one full day each week (Wednesday) along with four half days.
January: students attend school for two full days each week (Monday and Wednesday) along with three half days.
March: students attend school for three full days each week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) along with two half days.

Kindergarten Program Features

  • Illinois certified teachers with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education
  • Individual, small group, and whole group instruction 
  • Play-based learning activities
  • Classroom learning centers: art, blocks, dramatic play, literacy, math, science, and writing 
  • Curriculum-related field trips 
  • Hot lunch available for full day students
  • Parent volunteer opportunities 
  • Art, library, music, and physical education are taught weekly

Available Services

  • Academic Support
  • Enrichment Program
  • Speech
  • Bus Service (in the morning and afternoon, there is no mid-day service)
  • After school care


Meet Our Teachers

Kindergarten teachers smiling at camera at playground outside of school on sunny day

From Left to Right:

Mrs. Becky VanderNaald: “The best part of teaching for me is just watching that curiosity bloom and blossom throughout the year and watching the children develop and grow. I love it when everything starts to click for them and they just start taking off with everything they’re doing.”

Mrs. Leigh Ward: “For me the best part about being a kindergarten teacher is watching relationships develop among the children. Seeing that community form is a gift and it reminds me that God made us for relationships, because that is what they are drawn to do. I love watching the care and concern as they start to exhibit it for each other. And the real love they have for each other — it’s just a privilege.”

Mrs. Sandy Schommer: “The best part of being a kindergarten teacher is that I feel like when I’m in my classroom with my students, the world can stop and we can all sit and focus and marvel on the little things. When they’re reading a book, they notice the little details in the illustration. And I feel like I’ve learned how to appreciate the little things that really are the big things.”

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