Jay Evenhouse '84

Jay Evenhouse '84

Director of Alumni Relations




Homecoming 2018



The Timothy Christian Schools Alumni Association promotes the mission of Timothy by creating opportunities for alumni support and involvement.

The Association is comprised of all persons who have attended Timothy Christian High School for at least one year, and all other persons who have attended Timothy at any other educational level who desire to belong to the Association. Teachers who have taught at Timothy Christian Schools for any length of time at any level are also considered members of the Timothy Christian Schools Alumni Association.


Each year in the fall, Timothy celebrates Homecoming Week. Our community is wrapped in school spirit as they participate in a variety of events. Our high school students enjoy Spirit Week, a special Pep Rally and a Homecoming Dance.

Our entire community is invited to join us for the Homecoming Game, typically held on a Friday evening, featuring our Varsity Soccer team. The Homecoming Court is announced and TC royalty is crowned. Alumni are treated to a special Alumni Reception and enjoy a chance to reconnect with former classmates. It’s a great night of TC Spirit and fun!

In the past, we’ve also hosted a Pancake Breakfast on Saturday morning for everyone to enjoy a morning of fellowship, food and campus tours. Many classes also organize reunions for this weekend.

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We hope you’ll plan to join us for Homecoming 2019! Watch this space for the date and more information!


It is truly a special time when classmates can gather together again to catch up on the years gone by and reminisce about the times they walked the halls of Timothy Christian School. Here in the Timothy alumni office we treasure and encourage classes to celebrate these milestone reunions. If your class is thinking about having a reunion, please contact the Alumni Office as soon as possible to let us help you with the process. Please contact Jay Evenhouse, Director of Alumni Relations.

See photos of past reunions

How does Timothy help with reunions?

There are a number of ways in which The Timothy Christian Alumni Relations office can help with the planning of your reunion.

Class Lists
We will provide the reunion chairperson with a list of your classmates and the contact information Timothy has on file. Please keep in mind that the information is only as updated as alumni allow it to be. Please encourage your classmates to contact us with their updated information.

Schedule Campus Tours and Demonstrations
Using the campus as an initial meeting place for classmates attending the reunion is often helpful and popular. We can set up a tour of the facilities and also arrange to have demonstrations of the new upgrades to our classrooms and facilities. Contact the Director of Alumni Relations for further information.

We are also here to answer any questions, provide helpful hints, and to generally be a sounding board for the reunion committee. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, we’ll be happy to answer them to the best of our ability. The Director of Alumni Relations is available to assist at the reunion if needed.


When are Reunions held?

Homecoming weekend is scheduled on a date in the fall depending on the school calendar. Saturday of Homecoming weekend is when class reunions are held.

Who plans a class reunion? 
It is the responsibility of the class officers from your senior year to plan the class reunion but for many reasons that might not be possible. Often, other members of the class may volunteer to organize reunions.

When do you have a reunion?
Typically the first class reunion falls 10 years after your graduation. From there, classes choose to celebrate in 10 year increments but any reunion is welcome and encouraged.  It’s really up to you and your classmates’ preferences.

Do I have a reunion coming up? 
Check this page for upcoming reunions and dates. Also, make sure that you update your alumni contact information using the form below.  Our class lists are only as updated as you allow them to be.

How far in advance should we start planning our reunion? 
As far in advance as possible. We suggest at least 6 months to a year. This allows time for your class to form a reunion committee, save the date, find any “lost” alumni, reach out to classmates, book a location, arrange any entertainment/food/activities, and allow time for classmates to make travel arrangements.

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