The Timothy Christian Schools Alumni of the Year award is given annually to a graduate of Timothy Christian High School who has embodied the mission of the school by making a positive impact on Timothy and/or the culture and society. Recipients have included successful entrepreneurs, missionaries and everything in between. Recipients are often involved in at least one Timothy event during the year in which they are recognized, providing an inspirational and memorable experience for both students and the Distinguished Alumni.

To nominate someone for Timothy’s Distinguished Alumni Award, please fill out the following nomination form.


Past Recipients of Timothy’s Distinguished Alumni Award

2018          Randy Veltkamp ‘70
2017          Peter Huizenga ‘56
2016          Elizabeth Metcalf ‘79
2015          James Hartgerink ‘70
2014          Ruth (Bronger) DeHaan ‘81
2013          David Doig ’83
2012          Christa (Hyde) Muanica ’87
2011          Mr. James Vander Kamp ‘67
2010          Mr. Christopher Langkamp ‘91
2009          Dr. Cindy Tamminga ‘79
2008          Jonathan Bradford ’67
2007          George Bosman ’62
2006          Dr. Henry Tazelaar ‘74
2005          Kay Rops ’87
2004          George and Sharon (Hoving) Hoekstra ’60
2003          Dr. David Van Reken ’63
2002          Phyllis (Vos) Wezeman ’64
2001          Allen Heerema ’69
2000          Jeannette Bult De Jong ‘67
1999          Dr. John Bernbaum ’61