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Matt Davidson and Marc Davidson.

The Timothy community has faced challenges of our own all year long. Many of us have faced personal challenges, “giants,” of various kinds. Perhaps it feels like the odds are often stacked against us. At times these challenges seem overwhelming. It can feel hopeless. Yet we endure by the power of God.

Timothy Christian High School girls JV basketball team.

My hope and my prayer is that every family feels a part of the huddle—key members of the team. Regardless of when your journey with Timothy began, each family plays a critical role in our success. 

Timothy Christian High School varsity girls basketball team.

Our senior leaders have a deep appreciation for this short, jam-packed, basketball season (15 games in 4 ½ weeks). The three captains agree that they are not taking anything for granted, they are working as hard as they can at each practice and executing during games.

From Matt Davidson: God Has a Purpose For Your Life

We have expert professionals to come alongside students who are struggling socially, emotionally, or academically. Under the extraordinary leadership of Lynn Van Stee, our team of experts is always “on call” and prepared to Go Beyond for our students. If you’re looking for help, I have full confidence in our team!

Happy Birthday Matt Davidson!

Our fearless leader, Matt Davidson turns 50 on January 23 —make sure you wish him a happy birthday! So we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a small glimpse into a day in the life of Matt Davison at Timothy.

Three questions to ask during your college search.

The college search process can feel overwhelming, and that feeling has only been aggravated by Covid-19. Thankfully, the first step of the process has remained largely the same: ask yourself some questions.

Victory in Jesus

But here’s one thing I know for certain about tomorrow: Jesus said we shouldn’t worry about it.

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