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Last week I had the honor of accepting our National Blue Ribbon Award with principal Brad Mitchell and teacher Scott Roelofs in Washington DC. I was reminded again that winning a Blue Ribbon really is a BIG DEAL! The mood of all school delegates was extremely celebratory. I can’t count how many times I heard the word “Congratulations!” It’s easy to get entirely wrapped up in achievements and awards. And, yes, our school must continue to press on toward even greater things. After all, excellence inspires people and it honors God. And yet I feel compelled to remember that any accomplishment is simply another platform for us to share the life and love of Jesus to the world around us. Our mission statement sums it up best right out of the gate: “For the glory of God…” It starts, it continues, and it ends with HIM. I frequently read Moses’ reminder to the Israelites as they encountered blessing and success. My dad has often challenged me with this passage. Take a moment to read Deuteronomy 8 and reflect on this today. It is a wonderful reminder that everything we do is for the Glory of God. — Matt Davidson, Superintendent

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