Donna Eakley

Transportation Coordinator
630-833-9238 Office
630-530-9366 Transportation Emergencies


To contact the transportation department, please call 630-782-4076, or email If you need to contact the First Student dispatch desk during the daily bus routes, you can call 630-530-9366. There is no need to contact transportation if your child is not riding the bus.

Timothy Christian partners with you to make the daily family logistics of getting to and from school simpler.  We make busing available to a wide geographic area, from Wheaton to Chicago, from Woodridge to Franklin Park. Timothy customizes its bus routes every year to best meet the needs of our community, and in most cases can transport your child to-and-from school.  Every busing situation is unique so please contact us for more information about your specific circumstances.

Pick-up & Drop-off Guidelines

The guidelines listed below will assist in bridging the transition every day from home to school and back.

  1. Children should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to their pick-up time.
  2. If your children miss the bus please go to the next stop on the route and wait for the bus. Do not follow the bus or try to drop your children off at a location that is not a bus stop. Drivers have been instructed not to allow children to board the bus at any location other than a designated bus stop.
  3. For all your transportation needs or concerns please:
  • Call: 630-782-4076 during business hours
  • email:
  • Call: First Student 630-530-9366 for situations that require immediate attention.

Afternoon bus routes do not have guaranteed drop-off times. However, all families receive bus route information at the beginning of the school year including an approximate drop-off time range.  Afternoon drop-off times are variable and depend upon which students ride in the afternoon, traffic, and weather. Parents should plan on being at their bus stop early in the afternoon to avoid the student being kept on the bus.

  1. If no parent is present at a bus stop when the bus arrives to drop off in the afternoon the student will be kept on the bus and brought back to After School Care in the Timothy Christian Grade School.
  2. If a parent wishes to authorize a grade or middle school student to be allowed to be left at their afternoon bus stop when a parent is not present authorization must be sent to the Transportation department.  This can be e-mailed to Donna Eakley ( or submitted by completing the form below. Permission to drop off a student without a parent present must be renewed each year.
  3. Children kept on the bus will be placed in Timothy’s After School Care Program located in the elementary school (contact # 630-632-4017). Charges will be incurred for this service.
  4. Children riding home with a friend are to give the bus driver a note with a parent’s signature and stamped by the office. Children will not be allowed on a different bus or dropped off at a different bus stop without a note.

Rules of Behavior

The Bus Stop and Bus are extensions of the school. The same rules apply.

Please do…

  • Be at your bus stop 5 minutes prior to your pick-up time
  • For all your transportation needs or concerns please: call: 630-782-4076 during business hours or email
  • Call: 630-632-4017 for situations that require immediate attention outside of normal school hours.
  • Remain seated while the bus is moving
  • Talk in a normal tone of voice
  • Respect the driver’s instructions
  • Have respect for the rights and property of others
  • Relax and enjoy a safe bus ride
  • Feel free to use personal stereos with headphones

Please do not…

  • Chew gum
  • Eat or drink on the bus – this is a state law
  • Throw items on the bus or out the window
  • Yell or shout on the bus
  • Involve yourself in horseplay on the bus
  • Leave your seat or stand while the bus is in motion
  • Damage the bus (seats, etc)


  • 1st Offense— Verbal warning from bus driver
  • 1st Write-up—Written report by driver with copy to the school office and home
  • 2nd Write-up—Same as 1st write-up plus possible meeting with principal or dean
  • 3rd Write-up—Same as 1st write-up plus loss of riding privilege; up to 5 school days
  • 4th Write-up—Loss of riding privileges pending a meeting between parent(s) and the appropriate principal, dean, or superintendent.

Major Discipline: Certain behavior necessitates more severe discipline on the first occurrence. This could include a bus suspension. Examples include but are not limited to bullying, fighting, possession of illegal items, flagrant abuse of electronic devices (e.g. cell phones), or any dangerous or severely disrespectful act toward another person or their property.