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by Matt Davidson

Monday, May 18th would have been our 10th Annual Praise Dinner here at Timothy. At the Praise Dinner, our board and staff enjoy a wonderful meal together, reflect upon the faithfulness of God from the past year, and then we appropriately honor outgoing board members and Timothy staff at intervals of 5 years. (We have 280 employees, so it would take a while to cover everyone which is why we chose 5 year intervals.) Although it was done by video, we achieved all of the goals of the Praise Dinner this year with the exception of enjoying a good meal together. God has been faithful to our school this year, and He is worthy of all glory, honor, and praise

Moreover, I was honored to recognize the following individuals by video. The Bible says in Proverbs 3:27 that it is appropriate to thank and honor those who have made a positive impact in our lives. As you review this list yourself, pick out a handful of folks to bless with a card, text, email, phone call, or some other meaningful way.

5 Years of Service
Chelsea Van Dyk
Carolee Buikema
Erin Brighty
Rachel Frens
Linda Fox
Bradley Groenewold
Laura Groenewold
Becky Hoffman
Jon Huizinga
Debbie Larsen
Kendra Lee
Amber Garcia
Joseph McLellan
Wanda Nelson
Kendra Pasek
Janna Piersma
Kimberly Ramaker
Lindsey Slovey
Taren Stob
Barb Stoll
Leigh Ward
Anna Whartnaby
Trixy Zielke

10 Years of Service
Renee De Jager
Erin Lanenga
Ken Scholma
Ross VanderBill
Bob Venhousen
Jennifer Craig
Abby Okuley

15 Years of Service
Tim Hoeksema
Anna Watson

20 Years of Service
Sonja Corrigan
Donna Eakley

25 Years of Service
Stephen Adamski
Jill Groenewold
Kevin Hackert
Carlton Rink
Lisa Zylstra

30 Years of Service
Thelene Tornow

35 Years of Service
Becky Vander Naald
Richard Zylstra

40 Years of Service
James Snoeyink

Retirements: Tim Hoeksema, Sue Hoff, and Dick Zylstra

Outgoing Board Members

Mike Alles, Brian Anderson, Jennifer David, Wendy Marshall, Allyson Miller, Marla Stob, Matt Voss, Alex Williams, and Brent Yurschak

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