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The Davidson Family: Joey, Macy, Julie, Wes (Macy’s husband), Luke, Tiffany (Luke’s wife)

It’s Mother’s Day weekend! This day has always been of high importance in my family. I was incredibly influenced by great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and my mom—all are with the Lord now. Today I am equally blessed by the women in my family. The women in my family, then and now, have had a remarkable impact on my life. As I think of these women of God, I’m reminded of Proverbs 31:10-31. As I read through this familiar passage again, verse 25 stuck out to me. I’ve basically skimmed over this particular verse in the past…but it jumped off the page this time as I read the Bible’s description of a godly woman/wife/mother.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

In the midst of any unrelenting storm, a godly mother is a stabilizing force. When our mother says “it’s all going to be alright,” there is something uniquely peaceful about that. 

Mother’s Day 2020 will go down in the history books as a time when our moms took their commitment to another level. Even before the coronavirus, the stay-at-home order, and home-learning our moms were constantly on the move! Think of all of the things that moms do in our homes. Then add all of the volunteering they do at school and church. Then factor in that many of them have busy and stressful jobs. And then there’s so much more! It is our moms who make things work in our homes. 

There is a mother in the Bible that I’ve never seen referenced in a Mother’s Day sermon. Certainly in Judeo-Christian circles, she’s maybe not the perfect picture of motherhood, and you won’t find a glowing halo over her head in any paintings. Her story is messy…complicated…hard for us to understand. Her story took place thousands of years ago in a different culture and a different time. She was an Egyptian in a Jewish home. She was poor…a hired hand…actually a slave-girl. She was mistreated. She found herself in the midst of a scandalous plot and became pregnant at a young age. Nine months later she gave birth to a child. It is hard to fully unravel, but her story penetrates deep into world religions and even politics to this day. Her name was Hagar. (You can read about Hagar in Genesis 16.)

Upon discovering she was going to have a baby, she tried to run away from her nightmarish situation. Imagine a pregnant young lady alone in the desert…unsure of where she was going. Her only compass and destination was to go “anywhere but here.” During her flight, it was near a spring in the desert where the Lord spoke to her. As the Lord spoke to her, she found courage and strength. Her restless and frightened spirit was overwhelmed with calmness in the moment.

In Genesis 16:13 we find Hagar speaking to the Lord in her distress. As this fascinatingly complex conversation came to an end, Hagar said this to the Lord: “You are the God who sees me.” 

To the moms of Timothy: God sees you. I know this has been a lot for you to deal with. I know your plate is full. Although you admirably maintain your composure in front of your family, I know you feel overwhelmed at times. In so many ways, you are “holding things together” at home during this time. You are amazing, and I applaud you. You are the MVP’s in your family right now—more than ever before. No matter the circumstances, how complicated or messy, you can find rest and calm in the promises of God. He sees you—right where you are—and He will never fail you.

Thank you, Timothy moms, for stepping up. We love you and we are proud of you. Press on! 


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