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The month of May is finally here! Many home activities accompany the month of May. Spring cleaning, gardening, mowing grass, firing up the grill, setting up patio furniture, and painting the glass on the front windows. (Yes, you heard that correctly– painting the glass on the front windows! Keep reading and it will make sense.)

In the grade school, our theme Bible passage for the month of May is Luke 9:23-26. (Read this passage together as a family.) In this passage we are challenged to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. Each day we are given this charge! Lead the way, Lord, and we will follow—no matter what! Also in this passage, we are reminded of the worthlessness of achievement, education, power, fame, and wealth if we don’t have Jesus. There is no profit in this world apart from Him. Finally in this same passage we are challenged to unashamedly proclaim these truths to those around us.

All of this fits in perfectly with a family assignment from the Timothy art department. (I love all of our teachers and I have utmost respect for every one of them. They are champions. But a family assignment from the art department sounds a lot more fun than an assignment from the math department.) This is a great project for your family to participate in together! As you watch this instructional video from the art department, you will see this Bible passage come to life! The image of the cross and the public display of our faith in God.

Let’s have widespread participation in this fun project to display our love for Jesus and our love for Timothy. We live in over 60 different towns which include about 650 homes and over 1,100 students. Let’s unite our 650 Timothy campuses with this project.

Please upload your photos here so we can share the collective creativity of Timothy! Don’t forget to leave your name and take a photo with your family. I think the Chicago Art Museum and The Louvre are still closed, so let’s produce some artwork for display and appreciation.


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