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Each year, our K-6th grade students create a community art project, based on the current year’s theme. This year’s theme is “Rooted in Christ,” taken from Colossians 2:6-7.

The art teachers, Mrs. Melissa Venhousen and Mrs. Rachel Hoogstra, began the year by talking with students about what it means to be “rooted” in Christ. They examined the root system of two similar coleus plants that were placed in clear vases. One of the plants was rooted in nothing and the other in water. The students observed the weak and fragile state of the one not rooted in anything and then noted the healthy condition of the one in water. They discussed what things they could do as Christians to grow stronger in their faith. The students realized they could stay rooted in Jesus through prayer and reading the Bible. Then they too would grow and thrive, similar to the plant in water.

Continuing with the rooted theme, each student painted a stick gathered from nature. The stick, once a part of a tree, becomes a visual reminder of our constant need to be rooted in Christ. The sticks were put together to create a collaborative display for the whole school to enjoy.

Next time you are in our grade school building, please take a moment to appreciate this beautiful and meaningful piece of art hanging!

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