From our early childhood classrooms to our upper elementary grades, our approach to specific areas of instruction reflects our learner focused philosophy which provides differentiated learning opportunities at the appropriate level of challenge for each student. Whether in reading, math, science, or social studies, our classroom structure is such that students have opportunities to meet in whole group, small group and even individual learning spaces. To this end, our K-6 classrooms reflect a workshop model in reading and in math, where the learning is focused on what students need now and what they will need in the future. Our Multi-Tiered System of Support in reading and math also provides smaller group targeted learning opportunities for all our students. Areas of science and social studies are explored with rigor and curiosity, always seeking opportunities for discovery of God’s creation and His hand in our world. A Biblical perspective is integrated into all subject areas and supported through Bible curriculum.

Dr. Tim Hoeksema

Dr. Tim Hoeksema


Kristine Wise

Kristine Wise

Director of Teaching & Learning

Lynn vanStee

Lynn vanStee

Coordinator of Student Services & MTSS



Students at Timothy Christian Elementary School have a rigorous and engaging levels of academics. Meeting students at their area of need, whether in support or enrichment, is what teachers at Timothy do best. Our approach to academics goes beyond imparting skills, content and strategies to our students, recognizing the diversity of God’s creation in each learner. Building on a clear, rigorous curriculum base, students have opportunities for small group instruction in targeted areas for reading and for math. Our Multi-Tiered System of Support in reading and math supports students on the continuum of learning from academic support to enrichment and extension. We also offer additional services both inside and outside of the classroom that support the whole child. A team of support staff surround our students and teachers as we strive to meet the needs of students in all areas. Our Student Services Team provides classroom teachers with resources to support student growth and goals.

Educational Support Services:  Elementary and Middle School 

As part of Timothy’s mission to serve a broad range of students, we provide specialized staff and supports to meet diverse student needs. Services that formerly fell under the programs of Discovery and Impact have been expanded to meet the needs of more students and are subsumed under the umbrella of Educational Support Services (ESS). The Student Services Team includes three Educational Support Teachers, an Advanced Educational Support Teacher, a Social Worker, a Speech and Language Pathologist, a School Psychologist/Coordinator, and our Director of Teaching and Learning. This team works directly with students, consults with staff and parents, and collaborates with public school and private providers for assessment, eligibility, and intervention needs. The staff supports evidence-based core instruction, supplemental intervention, and intensive intervention.

MTSS, our Multi-Tiered System of Support (also known as RtI – Response to Intervention), provides a framework for prevention and early intervention that involves determining whether all students are learning, progressing and/or excelling when provided with high quality instruction and interventions in academics and behavior.

Beginning in September, during Tier Time, three times a week, each student participates in Tier Time three times a week:

  • Smaller group instruction.
  • Specifically matched to his or her particular strengths and weaknesses in reading and math.
  • Supported by Educational Support Staff and Instructional Aides.

Teams of teachers make data-driven decisions about all student learning needs to encourage learning at higher levels for student learning outcomes.

  • Each students’ growth is screened three times a year.
  • Some students are monitored more closely to determine how well they are responding to interventions.

Tier Time groups for reading are provided to all our students in Kindergarten through 8th grade, and for math in 1st through 6th grades.Advanced Learners are provided with challenging instruction through a differentiated classroom approach, opportunities for extension during our MTSS groups, and the possibility of acceleration for students who would benefit.

For a student with formally identified needs, Timothy Christian works hard to provide the accommodations, modifications, supports and instruction required to allow the student to be successful.  While public schools are mandated by the state to provide Individualized Education Plans for students identified with a need for Special Education and 504 Plans for students with a disability that limits a major life activity, private schools do not fall under the same legislation.   However, as part of our mission to serve diverse learners who possess a wide range of abilities, Timothy provides Individual Service Plans and Accommodation Plans that serve the same purpose as IEPs and 504 plans.


You can view the grade level curriculum maps here:


Through their weekly specials, all K–6 students participate in art and music Once a week, students learn and practice art techniques in drawing, painting, ceramics, and much more. Students are able to participate in the music program including singing and learning to play an instrument in band or orchestra.


Organized sports begin in 6th grade. Students have the opportunity to participate in cross-country, boys and girls soccer, girls volleyball, boys and girls basketball, cheer, and track and field. We encourage K-5 students to seek athletic opportunities through their local park districts. In addition, several athletic camps are hosted at Timothy Christian throughout the summer. Information regarding sports camps and summer opportunities at Timothy is published in the spring.


We believe that God regularly invites us to meet with Him through worship.  In response to this invitation, elementary students and teachers at Timothy gather for a weekly time of worship at chapel.  During our time together, we sing songs of praise, listen to engaging speakers, and collectively pray for God’s continued guidance and grace throughout the school year.  It is our hope that God strengthens us individually so that we can transform our school, community, and world together.


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