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by Cindy Van Kampen

One word described the atmosphere during Grandparents Day: Joy. Timothy has been hosting this special biannual event for years and it is easily one of the students’ favorite days!

Grandparents and special guests began arriving around 8:40 am, via shuttle buses, after parking their car at a nearby church. Once they had disembarked, they received a name tag and then found a comfy spot in the auditorium while enjoying music, courtesy of the Timothy Christian Middle School Orchestra.

This year’s program was kicked off with the video “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” which was created earlier this year. The grandparents definitely enjoyed watching our staff and students’ dancing skills! Superintendent Matt Davidson opened in prayer and the High School music teacher, Mrs. Erin Lanenga, led the crowd in singing a few worship songs. Finally it was time for the main attraction the grandparents had been waiting to see–their grandchildren!

Each class took the stage in an orderly fashion and sang a few songs. Proud grandparents waved at their grandchildren while the kids scanned the crowd for their beloved family members. You could almost see a sigh of relief in the faces of some of the younger students when their eyes found their targets and issued a covert wave. Cameras and cell phones were on display all over the auditorium to capture the performances with photos and videos. Songs ranged from “The Lord is My Shepherd,” to “God Bless the USA,” to the crowd favorite “We Love Our Grandparents Very Much” where the 5th grade students share memories of their grandparents or funny things they have done or said.

Dr. Tim Hoeksema closed in prayer and the grandparents were dismissed with a warning to be on the lookout for a drone taking videos and photos as they crossed the parking lot. As the drone buzzed lazily above, expertly controlled by middle school student Matthew Van Prooyen, the grandparents got a kick out of locating it and even waving! Once inside the grade school, there was coffee, cookies, and classroom visits.

The students and teachers had worked diligently to create engaging environments inside the classrooms with a plethora of activities for the generations to enjoy together. There were worksheets, games, photo backdrops, trivia games played on the Smart Boards using iPads, and even a chance for our guests to experience some of the technology that had been used during Maker’s Week. Students huddled outside their classrooms, waiting for their grandparents and squeals of delight could be heard all throughout the school when they finally arrived.

All too soon, the visits came to an end and as our students returned to their regular day, grandparents once again boarded the shuttle buses to return to the church for a time of fellowship, a free lunch and receive a goody bag.

The evidence of God’s faithfulness through all generations was definitely present as our staff, students and grandparents celebrated love of family, God and Christian education. Thanks to all our guests who joyfully came to share this special day with us! We look forward to seeing you back in 2019!

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