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On Monday, November 13, the high school Spanish 2 classes shared their children’s book project with all the kindergarten classes. It was a wonderful time of sharing, learning, and teaching both English and Spanish, as well as brainstorming ideas for writing. It was beneficial for both the older and younger students.

Some of our high school students had this to say about their experience:

“I had never realized just how much little kids look up to high school students. Our kindergarten student tried every Spanish word we taught and very proudly told us about her high school brother.”

“We need to learn languages when we are young, so we are better prepared to experience the world and participate in other cultures. It was nice to go and share, so the kids can experience something new and exciting.”

“The idea of writing a children’s book became more lucid. It seems so simple and non-essential to us, but when a little kid is reading it, it takes on a new life.”

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