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Jill Rhiner is the new president of the Alumni Association. In addition to her role on the Alumni Association Board, Jill also serves on Timothy’s school board, marketing committee and donor relations committee. She has three boys, two of whom have graduated from Timothy, and one who is currently a senior. As the first “non alumni” to serve as president of the Alumni Association Board, we thought it would be fun to chat with Jill to better understand her vision and what motivated her to take on her role.

You are giving quite a bit of time to Timothy these days in your various roles. What motivates you to be so involved with Timothy?

Our entire family has enjoyed our experience at Timothy Christian and we love the TC community. It was a great blessing for our sons to have a Christian education with godly teachers and role models. My husband and I have met life-long friends who share our Christian identity and values. Even though my youngest is a senior, I will continue to serve at Timothy and am committed to the Kingdom work that is happening here.

You are the first non-alumni to serve as president of the alumni board. From your unique perspective, why is the alumni board important enough to devote your time?

I will have three TC alumni in my family so I am excited to help grow the size and relevance of the Timothy alumni network. I want to enhance opportunities for graduates and teachers to stay in touch with the school and each other.  

We understand that you have some pretty extensive corporate experience, beyond the volunteer work you do for Timothy. Can you tell us a bit more about that and how your experience is helping you in your role as board president?

My background is in marketing and advertising so it was the right time to get involved as the Association expands its reach and role with alumni. People today are bombarded with communication and social media. So, we are conducting focus groups, surveys for young alumni and other research to identify the best ways for TC to stay connected with alumni. Membership in the Association is free and voluntary so it seems easy, but the biggest challenge is keeping up-to-date contact information on our 5000+ alumni.

What kind of vision do you have for the alumni association and how do you see the association better helping Timothy fulfill its mission?

The Alumni Association is more than just reunions. The Association seeks to create events and traditions that enable alumni various opportunities to stay involved and support the mission of Timothy throughout the year.    

Just for fun, tell us a little more about yourself personally. What do you do for fun? What’s your favorite memory of Timothy when your kids went here, etc.

I love to golf and play every year in the TCAA Golf Scramble.  My favorite memories at TC are watching my sons play basketball and tennis. I tease them that I hope to watch my future grandchildren play sports at TC from my balcony at Park Place!

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