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What a great weekend for our TCS musicians as many performed at the Northwestern University/ Northshore Band Solo & Ensemble Festival. The festival took place on Friday and Saturday, March 18 and 19 in Regenstein Hall on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston. All of our students received a Division 1 (Gold) Rating!

Congratulations to the following students (in order of performance):


Piano – Arielle Rowaiye (2nd grade), Catarina Fierz (2nd grade), Chloe Leppink (4th grade), David LaBarbera (4th grade), Hyan Sachs ( 3rd grade), Joey LaBarbera (6th grade), Jonathan Pae (6th grade), Joshua Pae (7th grade), Kailey Jirsa (5th grade), Kenna Tolman (6th grade), Melania Fierz (5th grade), Natalia Fierz (4th grade and Eloise Nelson ( 5th grade), Kate Forgac (7th grade)

Woodwind– Alyssa Goldstein  (6th grade), Sara Vandermolen (8th grade),

String – Andrew DeJager (7th grade), Greta Hoogstra (7th grade), Kassandra Galang (11th grade), Leah Hoffman (3rd grade), Michal Tolman ( 6th grade), Sydney Bulthuis (11th Grade), Timothy Helmkamp (7th grade)

Brass – Jack Gazdacka (5th grade)

Vocal– Mia Battista (6th grade), Kate Buikema (7th grade), Sophia Markle (5th Grade), Rachel Giersz (5th grade), Ella Schroeder (5th grade)


Woodwind Duet – Leah Haft and Elise Terpstra (8th grade)

Harp Duet – Sydney Bulthuis and Timothy Helmkamp

String Trio – Graham DeHaan (7th grade), Timothy Helmkamp, Joshua Pae

Vocal Trio – Mia Battista(6th grade), Kenna Tolman, Michal Tolman (6th grade)

Vocal Quintet – Madison Drye (5th grade), Jadyn Hogue (5th grade), Sadie Orange (5th grade), Maggie Rhoads (5th grade), Ella Schroeder (5th grade)

5th grade Choir: Jack Bone, Madison Drye, Noelle Ellingson, Rachel Gierz,  Mikaylah Hines, Jadyn Hogue, Tommy Kunz,  Ethan Munk, Sadie Orange, David Parker, Maggie Rhoads, Ella Schroeder

Jr. Chamber Ensemble: Mia Battista), Kate Buikema (7th grade), Graham DeHaan(7th grade), Jeremiah Groenewold (8th grade), Shelby Huiner (7th grade), Sophia Markle (5th grade), Promise Obazuaye (5th grade), Sara Roozeboom (8th grade), Shane Roozeboom (5th grade), Seamus Smith (7th grade), Olivia Tazelaar(7th grade), Kenna Tolman, Michal Tolman Etta Veenstra (7th grade), Marta Veenstra (5th grade), Emma Vega (6th grade), Rebekah Yurshak (8th grade)

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