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By Austin Zeilstra as told to Maddie Schaafsma

My name is Austin Zeilstra and I am a 5th grader in Mrs. Lee’s class.

I am one of the many Zeilstra’s to attend Timothy Christian Schools. My older sister and brother are still at Timothy, but I also have a sister in college.

But that’s not all.

My parents went here and were high school sweethearts. I also have cousins here. I love having family here and occasionally getting to see my siblings in the hallways. Although many family members have attended Timothy, I’m the only one who has gone here since preschool.

I love many things about Timothy, I especially love the environment that you are placed in. It is amazing that we are able to talk about God and His creation, something you cannot do at a public school. Chapel is a great way to worship God and praise Him once a week before the school day.

My favorite part about Timothy is the diversity of the things you learn.

I get the opportunity to play the cornet (it’s like a trumpet, but smaller!) and discover more about music. I also get to learn how to type in computer class, which I was never able to do well before. Gym is great too because you can play games and get exercise at the same time. There are so many great skills waiting to be picked up and learned.

I have a passion for history. In fact, I qualified for nationals in the History Bee. Earlier this school year, we got to take a trip to the Field Museum with our kindergarten buddies and we learned more about history. When I am older, I want to go into business or politics and knowing about history is very important in those fields. I’m very excited to get to be a part of the business program when I get to high school. Another subject I really enjoy is math. I enjoy being challenged. Timothy allowed me to skip a grade in math, and now I’m part of the 6th grade math class.

Timothy gives you many opportunities to be challenged at your own level.

Dr. Hoeksema, our principal, and Mr. Davidson, the superintendent of the school, are not the type to sit around in their office. I often see them in the hallways and they make it a goal to be a part of the students’ lives. They’re two very approachable guys.

Aside from academics, I am involved in sports. I play soccer and tennis. Next year, I hope to play for Timothy’s junior high soccer team. In high school I want to be on the tennis team.

Timothy is a great place with a lot to offer–and I’m taking advantage of it. I’m Austin Zeilstra and that’s my Timothy story.

About the author: Maddie Schaafsma, junior at Timothy Christian Schools, has attended TC since pre-school. She has been playing soccer all her life and has been on Timothy’s Varsity team since freshman year. Writing is her passion, and she hopes to be a reporter for ABC news one day! Above all, Maddie strives to serve and glorify the Lord in all she does.

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