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Written by Sureya Alex, Class of 2021

My career as a four year varsity soccer player, two year captain of the team, and player who has dislocated his knee four times in two seasons has all occurred in my journey at Timothy.

My name is Isaiah Whitaker. And this is My Timothy Story.

I am a senior this year. I have gone to school here since third grade. My time at Timothy went by fast — really, really, fast. Being a senior is scary and exciting at the same time. Throughout my years at Timothy, I have met some of my closest friends, furthered by soccer career, and grown in my walk with God. However, everything has not been perfect for me. I have also dealt with self-doubt, injuries, and lots of pressure from soccer.

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photo by Sureya Alex, Class of 2021

When I was a freshman, I dislocated my knee right before State. That was the year Timothy won. After experiencing something so unbelievable and indescribable, I was rushing to get back to play club soccer. I took a small break and then, finally, returned to the field. Within the first week, I dislocated my knee again. This same cycle happened two more times. I was out for the entire sophomore soccer season. Getting injured and being out for an entire season’s worth of games and practices was something that I was not used to. I did not like watching from the sideline. My eagerness began to turn into disappointment and doubt.

After those injuries, I became uncertain with myself and God. It messed with my head. It was the first time that I realized that the injury had affected my mental health. It influenced my academic performance and even my social life with my friends. I just wanted to stay home, which was unlike me. I felt like God was not on my side. It was hard for me to trust Him, when it felt like He did not see soccer in my future.

I finally relaxed and stopped rushing the recovery. I started to take things slow. I went through the motions and rehabbed, step-by-step. In order to relocate and heal my knee, I had to have surgery to replace the tendon. After four very long months, I was finally ready to get back into it. When I came back, I was stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually than I was before my injury.

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Being a captain for both my junior and senior year meant that I could not let small problems get to my head. I had to focus on the games, practices, and bettering my teammates. The history of success that this program has had put a lot of pressure on me to keep that going. I had to settle our team down and focus. I did my best as a captain to concentrate on God and put our future and lives into his hands.

Athletics at Timothy really brings people together. I can see it on the field and in the hallways during school. The upperclassmen befriend the underclassmen like there aren’t any years in between.

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God has been by my side for the entire journey, whether I saw His plan for me or not. My growth with confidence, faith, and strength over the years is all because of Him. I cannot wait to see what He has planned for my future after my academic and athletic journey at Timothy Christian is over.

I am Isaiah Whitaker. I just finished my final season on the Timothy soccer field. And this is My Timothy Story.

Sureya Alex is a sophomore and a varsity basketball player. She loves writing and photography.

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