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By Josh Harris as told to Maddie Schaafsma

My name is Josh Harris.  I am an 8th grader at Timothy. I live in Maywood, it’s a small town, and nothing like Elmhurst. I don’t mind it though, for me it’s always been home. I attended St. Edmund Parish, a tiny Catholic school in Oak Park, from kindergarten through 7th grade. Even though there were only nine kids in my grade, I considered them family. The school was forced to close because there were not enough students enrolled. Leaving St. Edmund’s was heartbreaking for me, and I expected the transition into a new school to be very tough.

I’ve been playing basketball all my life, and one of my close friends on my basketball team attends Timothy Christian School. When my teammate’s family found out I was looking for a new school, they immediately recommended Timothy. They absolutely loved it and thought it would be a great fit for me. Because of the shining recommendation the school received from this family, I decided to shadow for a day at Timothy.

When I shadowed, I could not have fallen more in love with the school. The teachers were so kind and the students were so welcoming. I felt like Timothy was a place I would eventually be able to call “home.” August of 2016, I was enrolled at Timothy and ready to start my first year.

My first day at Timothy was scary for me. It seemed like everyone had known each other for a long time, and I was the stranger coming in. My fears vanished as I was welcomed in with open arms, by both students and teachers. People talked to me in the hallways and welcomed me to sit with them at lunch.

As the days went by, the teachers challenged me academically, more so than my previous school had. I grew to love all my classes and teachers. My transition from school to school was easier than I could have ever expected. It did not take long for me to be comfortable, while also feeling loved and cared for at Timothy. Chapel is one of my favorite parts of the week. Even though I attended a Catholic school, I was never given the opportunity of weekly worship time during school.

Being on the basketball team has helped me break into the Timothy community. My coach, Mr. VanderWal, is not only funny, but kind. He is someone I look up to.

I am blessed to feel God’s presence at school. These past 6 months have been a great experience for me. I will be attending Timothy Christian for high school, and I am excited to keep challenging myself in athletics and academics. I love this community. Timothy Christian has given me a new place to call “home.” I’m Josh Harris, and that’s my Timothy story.

About the author: Maddie Schaafsma, junior at Timothy Christian Schools, has attended TC since pre-school. She has been playing soccer all her life and has been on Timothy’s Varsity team since freshman year. Writing is her passion, and she hopes to be a reporter for ABC news one day! Above all, Maddie strives to serve and glorify the Lord in all she does.

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