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by Maggie Rhoads

The first time I heard about Timothy Christian Schools was when I was in fourth grade and my parents were thinking about sending my younger sister to Timothy Christian. My mom told me that my sister might transfer to Timothy Christian if she enjoyed the shadow day. My little sister came back from her shadow day beaming. She said it was the best thing that had ever happened to her.this is an image

I asked my mom if I could try a shadow day at Timothy Christian, too. My mom signed me up right away. When I walked through the doors of Timothy Christian, everyone welcomed me with open arms. I remember that my shadow partner was very kind and answered all my questions. I had a lot of fun that day, because the teachers were joking around with me and made me feel like I was a part of the school.

That was nearly two years ago. Today, I am a student at Timothy Christian. I enjoy it and I am looking forward to being in the new middle school building in the fall. Some of my friends have been at Timothy Christian since preschool, while others transferred here later on.


Since my time at Timothy Christian, I have seen the difference between public schools and Timothy Christian. First of all, there is chapel at Timothy. Another difference is that Timothy Christian offers way more opportunities than public schools. For example, my friend, Nathan Stettin, made a music video of kids and teachers around the school. Teachers helped, supported, and provided for that.

Another example is me!

If I would have continued at my public school, you would never have found me writing for their website. These are just a few examples of opportunities given to students.

One of the differences I see is the staff at Timothy. The teachers really care here. You can tell they are enthusiastic about their job and always happy to help students on an individual basis.

One of my favorite things about Timothy is the independent study project, because I like to work on my own. This year I did my study on the United Kingdom, because I want to live there someday. I also enjoy writing. I appreciate there is an emphasis on teaching proper spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. Math is another favorite subject of mine. I’m glad that I can be bumped up to another level of math instruction so I feel challenged. I am looking forward to being a part of the middle school drama department and participating in Mock Trial in high school.

So far I have really enjoyed my experience at Timothy Christian Schools. I’m Maggie Rhoads and that’s my Timothy story.


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