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written by Sureya Alex, Class of 2021

My name is Matt Owens.

I am a sophomore at Timothy Christian High School. I have been here since first grade. Throughout the years, I’ve seen God working through the teachers, students, and coaches. They continuously relate everything we do to God.

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Timothy has an amazing atmosphere. I’ve had 10 years worth of teachers and I have noticed the same encouraging mentalities in them all. They’re all persistent to help you get the best learning opportunities possible. They use different methods for each student and they all encourage us to keep working hard. I know I will have great opportunities after high school.

The same is also true on the basketball court. Basketball is my favorite season, and even though it’s the off-season, we are continuously bonding. Our basketball squad is more of a family than a team.

I have a special bond with Coach Plaisier, my varsity basketball coach. I had the privilege to play on his team this season, along with Regionals last year. He has always taught and told me to play hard, play smart, and play for God.

He constantly teaches me about maturity, and how to deal with the pressures that a rowdy crowd brings. It always feels loud and overwhelming because of all of the people in our fan section. There are always tons of people screaming my name and cheering, but coach taught me how to block it out and keep myself composed. He always tells me that I remind him of his younger self — small, quick, and fearless. Coach is like a second father to me, he hangs out with our team and takes us out all the time, even to a Bulls game. He is one of my biggest role models.

I also have special relationships with my teammates. I love them like brothers. They encourage me to play hard on the court and they motivate me to get better. I become stronger while playing with them because they have high expectations and goals for me. In practices and games, they treat me like a varsity player, not a younger teammate. They always expect the best out of me, and I appreciate that.

Our team supports and loves each other. When we are together, we aren’t sophomores, juniors, and seniors — we’re family. We just have that strong connection with one another, on and off the court. I am so blessed to have been able to play with such great guys.

This school community continually amazes me, with all the love and support. My name is Matt Owens, and this is My Timothy Story.

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