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Written by Michela Sardinas, Class of 2019

Photography and videography by Adrian Van Stee, Class of 2019

The newcomer.

That’s exactly what I was.

I wasn’t really alone though. My sister was a senior at Timothy. She helped me become familiar with Timothy’s community. My childhood best friend, Anna, was also transferring to Timothy Christian, which gave me comfort. I was ready to leave my middle school and begin a new high school.

But, I had no idea what to expect.

Well, I guess I expected it to be like the movies, but nothing ever is.

It didn’t take me long to meet people. Small moments in high school created deep friendships for me. My friendship with Daisy, who is an expert in math, began when she sat with me in honors geometry class. I dreaded facing proofs every day. As much as I struggled, Daisy’s enthusiasm early in the morning, (which made it hard to really like her), motivated me to do better. Every day, she bounded into math class chirping, “Good morning!” and “You can do it!” I, being a pessimist (and obviously not a morning person), didn’t believe it was a good morning or that I could do it. Eventually, with Daisy’s daily joy, mornings were not so bad, and I somehow managed to keep pushing forward.

Anna’s comical self always put a smile on my face. During finals when we could feel ourselves falling apart — Daisy’s optimism didn’t fade.

One day, I was looking through my Western civilization notes while Anna stared at them and rambled on about not being ready. I tried throwing questions at her, but found that this mechanism was not working for either of us.

“You’re distracting me,” I told Anna.

“I think you’re distracting her, Michela,” Mrs. Baio told me.

“Nope, I’m just distracting myself,” Anna stated.

After our failed attempt of studying with each other because of the distractions, we both laughed at our doom we were about to face. I was always put at ease knowing Anna would be joining me in situations neither of us were familiar with.

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My favorite times, though, all took place in every high schoolers’ favorite place. The legendary cafeteria.

My favorite conversations have been held in the cafeteria during lunch time. It was the happiest, (sometimes the most worrisome if I was cramming work for the next period), time of day.

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I met new girls and became closer with others. Our conversations were always out of the ordinary. Listening to our talks without any context from the outside would make people scratch their heads. That’s how girl talk usually is. Jess, Ashley, Brooke, and Jordan never failed to come into lunch without a hot topic to discuss. I knew I was always in for a surprise.

After surviving three years of high school, I am officially a senior. As tough as high school may be, it comes along with relationships that make even the hardest finals bearable.

Times of good laughter to the point where you’re wheezing (and making awkward sounds) and your best friend’s eyes are full of tears makes life just a bit more brighter. High school has provided me with those moments, and I think that is what I will miss the most.

Michela is a senior at Timothy and hopes to major in marketing or journalism. She is also part of yearbook club. Michela was new to Timothy her freshman year and is thinking of going to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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