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If you were looking for fun this weekend, you no doubt found it if you attended this year’s OctoberQuest! As usual, the staff and students delivered a musical adventure that got your toes tapping and most likely, a few songs stuck in your head! And, despite Mr. Quist’s attempt to rename the show OctoberQuist, both evenings proved to be an entertaining journey!

After the barefooted freshman started the show, the Alligator duo of Hamelink & Piersma were dismissed with an amusing version of “See you Later, Alligator!” The cast went down “Country Roads,” walked “500 Miles,” entered another galaxy with the Star Trek theme, visited “Funkytown,” & “Sesame Street,” discovering that “Life is a Highway.”

The junior boys delivered a stirring rendition of “I Believe I can Fly” that made one wonder if they would indeed sprout wings!  Mr. Doug Bardolph and his daughter Anna reminisced about family road trips from different perspectives in “On the Road Again/On the Phone Again.” As usual, the teacher numbers were huge hits with “A Whole New World,” in which they sang about Project Impact, the duet by Mrs. Lanenga and Mr. Pelt where they lamented the fact that now that they are parents, they just ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.” The staff also asked the musical question “Are We There Yet?, referring to the end of the school year. The annual duet by Snoeyink and Roelofs was a huge fan favorite as they sang about all the characters they’ve performed in their thirty-eight Octoberfest performances.

And, as is tradition, our 40th annual Octoberfest ended with “Goodnight, Irene,” complete with flag waving. Thanks to everyone who organized, volunteered, participated or attended this year’s show!

Be sure to see more photos of the show by clicking the link below.

SmugMug OctoberQuest Photos

OctoberQuest Instagram Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our Instagram #timothyoctoberquest contest! They are: Kathy Orange, Riley Slovey, Liz Canfield, Doug Pelt and Sonya Griffin. Please email bode@timothychristian.com and indicate what size sweatshirt you would like.

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