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On May 31st we celebrated and sent off 99 of our newest Trojan alumni! Before they left, we asked them a few questions about their experience at Timothy, words of wisdom they can leave with future generations and what they might ask a more veteran Timothy alumni. Here are just a few of their responses!

If you could ask a current Timothy alumni anything, what would you ask them?
“Do you miss being here?” -Suni Santos
“Do you go to reunions?” -Leslie Ravencroft
“What was your prom like?” -Amy Kuiper
“How have you stayed in contact with high school friends?” -Alex Oldenburger

What was the most important thing you learned while at Timothy?
“Put God first and the rest will come naturally.” -Christopher Mistrata
“Surround yourself with God loving people.” -Abby Carstensen
“That the world is much bigger than Illinois.” -Drew Weisto
“To take responsibility for improving myself in order to become someone who other people depend on.” -Sebastian Bravo

If you could give one piece of advice to the next generation of Timothy students, what would it be?
“Appreciate the teachers and get involved in the community.” -Lindsay Mahler
“Be confident in yourself and in God. Take advantage of every opportunity at Timothy and never be scared to try something new.” -Ben Rowell
“Enjoy the experience and make lasting relationships.” -Matt Bootsma

What do you think you will miss most about Timothy?
“The teachers and events.” -David Barnes
“The community and activities.” -Hunter Bailey
“Choir.” -Grace Veenstra
“Teachers who care.” -Fernando FernandezdeLara
“Basketball games!” -Christopher Mistrata

What was your favorite subject, teacher or class at Timothy?
“U.S. History with Mr. Whartnaby and Roelofs!” -Jada Brown
“All math classes were my favorite and I loved all my math teachers.” -Jessica Kuchan
“I loved orchestra with Mrs. Fox, all my history classes with Mrs. Lumkes, Mr. Whartnaby and Mr. Roelofs. I also really loved chemistry with Mr. Adamski. They’ve all furthered my interest in these subjects.” -Mary Sheehan
“Chemistry, taught by Mr. Adamski. This class influenced my decision for my college major.” -Abigail Adamski
“My favorite class has to be photo and my favorite teacher is definitely Mr. VanDerAa.” -Joshua Moodie
“Ceramics with Mrs. Zielke. She didn’t influence my choice for the decision of major, but helped me to realize my love for art.” -Jordyn Strube

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