Educational Support Team


Mrs. Rachel Frens
Speech-Language Pathologist

Mrs. Laura Groenewold
Educational Support Teacher, 7th & 8th

Mrs. Deanna Markos
Advanced Educational Teacher, 3rd-6th 

Mrs. Sarah Piasecki
Educational Support Teacher 4th-6th

Mrs. Michele Schwarz
K-8 Social Worker

Mrs. Anna Watson
Educational Support Teacher, K–3rd

Mrs. Kris Wise
Director of Teaching & Learning K-8

Mrs. Lynn vanStee
Coordinator for Student Services and MTSS


Our Philosophy:

The philosophy of the Educational Support Services Team reflects Timothy’s mission: “We reflect God’s kingdom by serving students who possess a wide range of ability.”

Our belief is that each learner is unique, and responsive instruction recognizes and addresses that. At TC this reality is part of our basic conception of a child. Each one is God’s unique creation, and of incredible value as an image bearer of that creator. The goal of being responsive to the needs of all learners is particularly fitting at a Christian school!   

As a part of this mission, Educational Support Services provides academic support to students from kindergarten through 8th grade. ESS staff offer support at all tiers, including consultation with classroom teachers for all subject areas as well as co-teaching, push-in support, small group interventions, supervision of academic aides, and individualized instruction in reading, writing, and math.

Our Team and Our Multi-Tiered System

The Educational Support Team is comprised of experts in our building who support our student body holistically in all areas of the MTSS diamond.  Our staff are highly qualified and utilize evidence-based strategies and interventions. Student progress is closely monitored to ensure all students are responding to instruction and intervention. This team meets on a regularly scheduled basis to guide the direction of our academic support. ESS teachers also coordinate Individual Service Plans and Accommodation Plans for students who qualify. Advanced learners in grades K-6 participate in small group programming during the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) time to meet their needs in the subject areas of math and reading.

To learn more about MTSS, please view the following informational session videos from Parent University, held September 2017.

MTSS: History & Results
MTSS: Measuring Growth & Targeting Instruction
MTSS: Continuous Process and Future Direction