Mrs. Carolyn Buma

Mrs. Carolyn Buma

High School Academic Support Teacher

Peer tutoring is available for:

  • Advanced Math
  • Algebra 1–4
  • American Literature
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Economics
  • English 9
  • Geometry
  • Government
  • Physics
  • Spanish
  • US History
  • Western Civilization
  • World Literature


Need some extra support in one of your classes?  Sign up for a peer tutor. Peer tutoring offers an opportunity to build a positive relationship with a classmate, ask questions within a safe space, review course content from the perspective of a peer, continue to develop your study skill strategies, and more! We will help connect you with a classmate who has demonstrated a strong understanding of the subject & help you set up a time to meet regularly during focus period, before school or after school.  The first step is to fill out a peer tutor request form found by the high school main office.

Looking for a service learning opportunity?  Volunteer to be a peer tutor. Serving as peer tutor is an opportunity to get to know a classmate, reinforce your own understanding of the course content, enhance your resume, develop leadership and communication skills, and more!

For additional information, please contact Mrs. Carolyn Buma ( or Mrs. Becky Bosman ( in high school room 108.