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From the Desk of Dr. Brad Mitchell, High School Principal

Team Timothy,

I’m starting my 10th year as principal of Timothy Christian High School. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years. The 2nd graders from the year I started will be graduating this spring! It has been a blessing to serve staff, parents, and students. 

The last 18 months have brought us numerous challenges and God has provided both guidance and protection. This coming school year will likely present new challenges, so we continue to covet your prayers as we ask God for ongoing guidance and wisdom. 

Additionally, we have many new and exciting things this year. The high school addition and renovation will be ready on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 25! I have had the opportunity to walk through the construction site and it’s going to feel like a completely different building. We will also have a new bell schedule, a new program called Go Beyond Time, and an updated Focus Period

Each summer, I spend time praying for our Timothy Christian community and this year my prayer is for unity. Psalm 133:1 says: “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” Last year we tried to physically keep our distance from one another, but this year I want to gather more, communicate frequently, and love each other well. 

There are a couple of ways to stay connected with what’s happening at school. First, please read emails and other communications from the school. Second, I would encourage you to download the My Timothy app on your phone — it’s a great resource for school related information!

Please let me know if you have any questions as the beginning of the year draws near.

Dr. Brad Mitchell
High School Principal

What's in this post?

  1. Freshman Orientation & iPad Pick-Up
  2. iPad Pick-up for Grades 10-12
  3. Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)
  4. eCampus Virtual Bookstore is Open
  5. What supplies does my HS student need?
  6. Summer Reading
  7. Back to School Night Videos
  8. High School Attendance
  9. Portrait Day: Monday, August 30  
  10. No Outside Food Deliveries
  11. Cafeteria and Lunch Program
  12. Student Parking
  13. Registration for Sports Participation
  14. Pre-12th Allergy/Medication Management
  15. IMPORTANT for Incoming Seniors

Freshman Orientation & iPad Pick-Up
Freshmen orientation will be August 17-18 at the high school and Cedar Lake Christian Ministries. Please contact Jon Huizinga if you have any questions.

All freshmen will receive their iPads at Freshman Orientation on August 17. If a completed physical form and birth certificate are NOT on file in the office, students will not be allowed to take their iPad home after orientation until the required items are turned in. Make sure to complete the health history section on the top of the second page, including a signature and date from a parent/guardian before turning in the form. If you have any questions regarding immunization requirements, health/dental forms, or birth certificates, please contact Yvonne Cruz.

iPad Pick-up for Grades 10-12
10th-12th graders will pick up their iPads in the high school office on Monday, August 23, between the hours of 9:00 am - 2:00 pm and again from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. If students are unable to make these times, iPads may be picked up from the high school office on Tuesday, August 24, from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm. 

  • Important Items for Seniors BEFORE iPad Pickup
    All seniors must submit proof of receiving the MCV4 immunization (Meningococcal vaccine) from their health care provider. We will not distribute your student’s iPad to them without this. Please refer to the last item entitled, "IMPORTANT for Incoming Seniors" at the bottom of this post.

  • Students new to high school (grades 10-12)
    The following items must be submitted to the high school office prior to iPad pickup:

    • A 9th grade (or most recent, if received after 9th grade) physical which includes all state-required immunizations. Make sure to complete the Health History section on the top of the second page, including a signature and date from a parent/guardian before turning in the form.

    • A photocopy of your student's birth certificate.

If you have any questions regarding immunization requirements or health/dental forms, please contact Yvonne Cruz.

Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) for both the high school and middle school. If you are new to Timothy, please encourage your high school student to log in using their school-issued school email (coming in a separate email in the next few days) and complete the course Timothy Passport to Canvas. The purpose of this course is to help students get familiar with Canvas and its features in order to be ready for the start of the year. This will be the primary mode of distributing class materials and communication between teachers and students.

eCampus Virtual Bookstore is Open
Students can use their Timothy email address and password to sign on to eCampus. Your student will be prompted to create a new password and a link will be sent to their school email address. Once you are signed in, your schedule will be pre-loaded and books required will be shown.  You will have three options to obtain books. The first option is to select “shop by schedule” and purchase new or used textbooks or electronic resource directly from eCampus.  When doing this, you will not be charged a shipping fee.  The second option is to again select “shop by schedule” and purchase used textbooks from Marketplace.  You will have to pay shipping, but can save quite a bit of money.  The third and final option is to “order the textbook bundle” and rent all of your student’s textbooks (through eCampus) for a flat fee of $425. At the end of the school year, your child will return all of his or her textbooks through eCampus during the textbook buyback at the end of the school year. I highly recommend pricing out purchasing your books before selecting the bundle as it is not usually the most cost efficient option.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the high school office at 630.833.7575 or

What supplies does my high school student need?
We don’t have a school supply list for high school, but students will certainly need pens, pencils, notebooks, and folders, or whichever system of organization that works best for them. A planner is always helpful, and can be purchased wherever school supplies are sold. Freshmen will be provided a planner at Freshman orientation. Math teachers will let students know at the beginning of the school year which calculator would be best; most students purchase the TI-84 (or similar). Teachers will also let students know if they need other specific items, such as index cards, three-ring binders, etc.

Summer Reading
All 9th grade students, 10th and 11th grade honors only, and AP English students are required to read books during the summer. Requirements vary from class to class and grade to grade, so please read the information within the following link, which includes study guides and assignments, here: HS Summer Reading Information. Those students who are required to read specific books will be assessed on those books during the first week of school. Assessed books will be included in the student’s first semester English grade.

Back to School Night Videos
Videos containing information about student iPads, an abbreviated walk-through of a typical day’s schedule, and subject specific information from teachers, will be available on the Timothy website the week of August 23. Families new to Timothy should take the time to watch these videos during the first week of school. More information will be sent when the videos are posted.

High School Attendance
For our attendance policies, please see page 33-35 our parent-student handbook

Attendance is a key to success!  Please contact the school (either at or 630-833-7575) BEFORE 8:15 am on days when your student will be either absent or late. We have 24-hour voicemail and email, so you may contact the school anytime, day or night. Please contact the school at least one to two days BEFORE any pre-planned absences, late arrivals, or appointments, so we may record the absence appropriately and/or issue a pass to be dismissed, for minimal interruption to classes.  All students entering or leaving the campus during school hours for any reason need to report to the office to sign in or out with office staff.

Portrait Day: Monday, August 30  
All students will be photographed for their school IDs, and photos of students in grades 9-11 will also be used for the yearbook.  Purchasing student portrait packages is optional, and Lifetouch will provide information later on how to order portraits online through their website. The make-up date for students who are sick or absent is Monday, October 4.

Cafeteria and Lunch Program
Students will be able to purchase a meal deal (for $5) as well as à la carte items and beverages in the cafeteria. Students will give the cashier their MealTime ID to pay for items with their MealTime account or pay cash. Check out the MyTimothy app for daily meal choices. New families will receive a personal email explaining how to setup their MealTime account. 

Student Parking
If you have a high school student who drives to school, each year they will need to register their car in the high school office during the first week of school. Students may park in the south lot and east lot (near the WAC/Middle School). Vehicle registration forms are here.

Registration for Sports Participation
Any students who wish to participate in sports must complete the sports registration process online and turn in a current IHSA sports physical form to the high school office. A copy of the IHSA sports physical can be found here: Pre-participation Examination.  Sports registration can be found here: 8to18

Please note that freshmen may use their current regular freshman physical form in place of the IHSA form for the upcoming school year. However, an IHSA form cannot be used in place of the regular physical form for freshmen.

Click here for Fall Sports tryout dates/information

Pre-12th Allergy/Medication Management
If your student has allergies that we need to be aware of and/or you need to keep medications at school for your child, you will need to have the below paperwork filled out and turned into the school nurse along with any necessary medications. All forms can be found here. Please bring in the proper forms and medications in their original containers on or before the first day of school. 

  • PK-12th Prescription Medication Authorization Form

  • PK-8th Temporary Medication Authorization Form

  • PK-12th IL Food Allergy Action Plan Form

  • PK-12th IL Asthma Action Plan Form

  • High School OTC Medication Authorization Form

IMPORTANT for Incoming Seniors

Dear Parent/Guardian of an Incoming Senior:

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) states that all students entering 12th grade will be required to show proof of two Meningococcal Meningitis (MCV) vaccines prior to beginning their senior year of high school. Many students have received a first dose previously. The second dose must be given on or after their 16th birthday. (Only one dose of Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine is needed for 12th grade if the student’s first dose was given at age 16 years or later.) 

If you haven't done so already, please make arrangements to have your student vaccinated against MCV prior to the beginning of the school year. Once vaccinated, the high school office must receive documentation from the health care provider verifying that the vaccine has been administered. Your child may obtain the vaccine from your regular health care provider, a local health department, or a pharmacy such as Walmart, Costco, CVS, or Walgreens. You may submit the documentation to the office in person (please call for summer office hours), place it in an envelope marked "High School Office" and drop it in the locked box outside the middle school / WAC door, send it via postal mail to the high school office marked confidential, or you may send it as a pdf or jpeg via email to: tchs@timothychristian.comThis documentation must be received before your student will be given their iPad.

Thank you for your cooperation.