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Laura Moreno

From the Desk of Mr. Justin Horne, P-8 Principal:

“All glory to God” is our theme for this year! Everything we have to be thankful for is due to God’s continued grace. We will start reminding students of that from the very first day of school on August 25th! I thank God for bringing me to Timothy and look forward to my second year here and my 18th year in education. Remember that our first day is a half day with a noon dismissal. 

We welcome several new staff members to the Timothy family this year. You can read short profiles about them here. Families will receive an email from their child’s teacher by the end of day on Friday, August 20th.

We look forward to a year of giving All glory to God as we serve the Lord together at Timothy!

Mr. Justin Horne, NBCT
P-8 Principal 

What's in this post? 

  1. Elementary School & Middle School Curriculum Night 
  2. School Supplies
  3. Lunch Program & MealTime
  4. Preschool Milk Orders
  5. K-6th Grade Milk Orders
  6. Wellness, Health, & Nutrition Guidelines
  7. Freaky Friday Musical
  8. Allergy/Medication Management
  9. After School Care

Elementary School &  Middle School Curriculum Night 
Save the date for our K-4th grade Curriculum Night on August 31, at 7:00 pm and our 5th-8th grade Curriculum Night September 2, at 7:00 pm. Our 5th-8th Curriculum Night will also include an important iPad informational meeting as these students will be 1:1 with iPads this year. More information will be sent home the first week of school regarding these evenings.

School Supplies
Click here for school supply lists. If you pre-ordered a school supply kit, it will be in your student’s homeroom the first day of school or for pick up during Meet the Teachers. Please look for specific information from your child’s teacher regarding what to bring the first few days. It does not all need to be brought on the first day.

Lunch Program & MealTime
Lunch menus are always available on our app, which you can download here

Preschool Lunch Bunch–6th Grade: Ordering is easy! Prior to the beginning of each month elementary school families receive an email link to order meals for the coming month. The cost of each pre-ordered hot lunch for elementary school is $4.75 and preschool is $4.50. If you forget to submit your student's monthly order they can order daily in the elementary school office at a cost of $5.25 (K–6) and $5.00 (preschool). Students can pay for their lunch with MealTime. Click here to learn more about

Tuesday Pizza Lunch: This popular fundraiser is back! Full day K-6th students will have the opportunity to order pizza lunch every Tuesday. More information will be sent home when teacher lists are available. Please note: Pizza lunch is purchased in advance for the entire semester. 

Preschool Milk Orders
Parents had the opportunity to sign up for milk when you enrolled your preschooler. If you did not sign up for milk, but would like to order it, please email your preschool teacher. The cost of milk is:
MWF am or pm - $20.00
T/Th am or pm - $14.50
MTWThF - $72

K-6th Milk Orders
You can choose to purchase either white or chocolate milk for $72 for the year. You were given this option when you enrolled your student and signed your contract. If you did not sign up for milk, but would like to, please email Laura Moreno at

Wellness, Health, and Nutrition Guidelines
We are committed to providing a learning environment that supports and promotes wellness. The following steps have been approved by our board and implemented at Timothy:

  • Parents, students, and volunteers are not allowed to distribute food to any students during regular school hours. 

  • The use of any trans-fat in food sold or distributed to P-12 students during regular school hours has been completely eliminated.

  • The use of Styrofoam to serve or deliver food to P-12 students during regular school hours has been eliminated.

  • We have eliminated student or parent distribution of food to celebrate student birthdays. Elementary school teachers will distribute a school supplied “favor” on birthdays that is appropriate to the grade level.

  • Any distribution of any food to students at school must be approved by the administration, meet approved requirements, and be communicated in a timely fashion to parents.

Freaky Friday Musical
Did you know that 5th and 6th graders can participate in the middle school musical? The middle school musical is back and is kicking off Timothy Drama with the amusing and nutty Disney Musical, FREAKY FRIDAY!  All 6th-8th graders are invited to audition August 30th & 31st, 3:15-5pm. (5th graders can sign-up to help backstage) Find more information here.

Allergy/Medication Management
If your student has allergies that we need to be aware of and/or you need to keep medications at school for your child, you will need to have the below paperwork filled out and turned into the school nurse along with any necessary medications. All forms can be found here. Please bring in the proper forms and medications in their original containers on or before the first day of school. 

  • P-12th Prescription Medication Authorization Form

  • P-8th Temporary Medication Authorization Form

  • P-12th IL Food Allergy Action Plan Form

  • P-12th IL Asthma Action Plan Form

  • High School OTC Medication Authorization Form  

After School Care
Our After Care program operates from 3:00-6:00 pm each day.  Click here for more information on how to sign up for this program.  Be sure to email our director, Mrs. Denise Parker, with any questions.