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by Maddie Schaafsma, Class of 2018

There are art supplies and art projects in every corner of the preschool room. This is what makes coming to school every day so exciting for four-year-old Kenna.

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photography by Maddie Schaafsma, Class of 2018

Kenna is usually the first student to arrive and she stands outside the door waving to her teachers, eager to start her day. She also always brings pictures for her teachers and friends. As soon as the door opens, she bolts inside.

“K-E-N-N-A. That’s how I spell my name,” she proudly shares. “I am one of the first students in the class to be able to write it.”

All preschoolers start their day by washing their hands, writing their name, and checking which job they are assigned. Today, Kenna’s job was the table washer, but her favorite job, and a favorite among others, is the weatherman. Students go outside and check the lines on the thermometer to read the temperature and then report it back to the entire class. Classroom jobs help teach students responsibility in the classroom that they can also apply at home. Plus it gives them something to look forward to checking each day.

Another highlight of the preschool day is circle time. This is a time of worship, learning, and sharing. This week, students are learning all about numbers. Each week, the preschoolers sing songs about what they are learning and songs about their Savior.

Kenna’s favorite part of the day is art. The pumpkin pictures painted by students, and other projects students have created are hanging all around the classroom, and Kenna has a fair share of work hanging up. With her apron on, a paintbrush in hand, and a huge smile on her face, Kenna is in her element.

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photography by Maddie Schaafsma, Class of 2018

Even at such a young age, preschoolers have their own talents and interests. Like so many other students her age, Kenna is just learning about art. Preschool at Timothy means she not only gets to create and use her imagination, but she also learns about God and His creation. Preschool at Timothy starts to build a student’s faith at an early age. As the student continues to attended Timothy, that faith is built on more and more each year.

Each preschool day is a bit different, but they all end the same way, in prayer. Before Kenna and the other students go home to sing the songs they learned in class, share the Bible stories with their families, or work on more art projects, a student leads a prayer to bless the students before they go on their way.

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