Our preschool students are part of a community. A community that is safe, nurturing, and loving. It’s a place where curiosity and exploration are fostered and cultivated. It’s a place where every part of the day is intentional and taught from a Christian perspective. Children have freedom for spontaneous play where they make discoveries, solve problems, and have positive social interactions. These self-directed activities, together with teacher-led lessons that teach children how to work in a group, lay the groundwork for future academic success. Our qualified staff and student-to-teacher ratio allow each child to grow, develop, and explore at their own pace. Preschool at Timothy not only prepares children for kindergarten and beyond, but also lays the foundation for a lifetime of faith. Preschool at Timothy is part of a larger community that aims to inspire, engage, and develop academically prepared disciples of Christ.


Dr. Tim Hoeksema

Dr. Tim Hoeksema


Kris Wise

Kris Wise

Director of Teaching & Learning

Sonja Corrigan

Sonja Corrigan

Preschool Teacher

Laurel Geraldi

Laurel Geraldi

Preschool Teacher

Nancy VanHout

Nancy VanHout

Preschool Teacher


Timothy Christian Preschool students

Schedule Options

Two Day Options: 

Tuesday & Thursday: 8:45 AM-11:15 AM

Tuesday & Thursday: Noon – 2:30 PM

Three Day Options:

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 8:45 AM – 11:15 AM

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: Noon – 2:30 PM

Five Day Options:

Monday-Friday: 8:45 am to 11:15 am

Need more preschool? Choose additional à la carte preschool options:

Early morning drop-off: 8-8:45 am

Late afternoon pickup: 2:30-3:00 pm

Lunch: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week. You pick!

Afternoon Explorers: Pick which ones fit your schedule.



Daily Schedule

  • Arrival & Opening Meeting
  • Free Play
  • Clean-up
  • Group Time
  • Snack
  • Pack School Bags
  • Group Time
  • Playground or Gymnasium
  • Prayer

2020-21 Preschool Tuition Rates

2-Day AM: $2,020
2-Day PM: $1,636
3-Day AM: $2,990
3-Day PM: $2,265
5-Day AM: $4,700
Lunch Bunch 1 Day per week for the year: $165
2 Days: $330
3 Days: $495
4 Days: $660
5 Days: $825
Afternoon Explorations 1 Day per week for the year: $739
2 Days: $1,478
3 Days: $2,217
4 Days: $2,956
5 Days: $3,625

Preschool Capital Maintenance Fee: $50

Afternoon Explorations:


Afternoon preschool explorations have been designed to allow children to continue to explore the world around them through a variety of activities and experiences. The programs extend the preschool day and allow you to create a schedule that meets your child’s needs, whether that’s just one afternoon a week, or many.  All programs will offer developmentally appropriate activities that encourage children to explore God’s world.  After lunch there will be an opportunity for gross motor play and rest time. Then we will embark on an afternoon of exploration and fun.

Monday: Little Movers

Does your preschooler love to learn through movement? Little Movers is the place for them! Preschool children will develop gross and fine motor skills through indoor and outdoor play, group activities, and games. They can develop coordination, listening skills, and cooperation while engaging in activities. The development of gross motor skills allows every child to grow physically and emotionally.

Tuesday: Little Travelers

Our world belongs to God and we can’t wait to help your child explore it! Preschool children will discover an appreciation for communities near and far and diverse cultures in the world around them. The children will “travel” both domestic and abroad as they are exposed to various city buildings, land formations, and traditions.

Wednesday: Little Artists

Bring out your child’s artistic creativity in Little Artists! Preschool children will explore a variety of styles of art as they use different media to create.  As they engage in various activities, children will learn that art is a way to express oneself and to communicate with others. Children will develop fine motor skills as they cut, paint, and glue, as well as learn to communicate with others about what they are creating.

Thursday: Little Scientists

Does your child wonder how things work? Are there a lot of “why” questions asked at your house? Then your child will enjoy Little Scientists! As the children engage in nature-based activities and science experiments, they will have the opportunity to explore the world God created. Explorations will include observing, predicting, and developing conclusions as they investigate the world around them.  

Friday: Little Musicians

Let’s explore the gift of music together! Preschool children will be introduced to different styles of music as they develop a sense of rhythm, spatial awareness, and appreciation for music.  Children will interact with a variety of instruments to create their own music and will also have the opportunity to make instruments.


Preschool students at Timothy learn:


Drawing & Painting

Gluing & Constructing

Manipulating & Problem-Solving


Praising & Worshiping

Learning Bible Stories

Developing an Awareness of God and His Word

Health, Movement & Nutrition

Developing Good Habits


Galloping & Climbing

Jumping & Hopping

Throwing & Catching

Walking & Running

Body Awareness and Spatial Perception


Listening & Speaking

Reading Readiness

Developing an Interest in Stories and Books

Developing Vocabulary


Classifying & Comparing

Counting & Measuring

Coorporating & Problem-Solving


Building a Song Repertoire

Responding to Rhythm

Singing and Creating Motions, Rhythms, and Responses


Comparing & Experimenting
Observing & Predicting
Problem Solving

Social Development

Cooperating & Creating
Interacting with Peers and Adults
Developing Concern for Others and God’s Creation


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