A Winning Formula: The Timothy Community + A Common Goal = SUCCESS!
Matt Davidson

Once again, the generosity of the Timothy community was on full display at this year’s Auction. We make a great team, and it was evident throughout the evening. Parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, and staff all blended together with locked arms for the best cause of them all – our school. $455,000 was raised at this event toward the addition of two classrooms in our high school, a necessary project to accommodate our growth. 

These classrooms aren’t temporary “modulars” or just some extra square footage randomly tacked on to the existing building. To the contrary, these classrooms will match the design and flow of the latest building renovations, and in many ways they will be our best classrooms on campus. Our National Blue Ribbon and excellence-driven program of education will benefit greatly from this addition – plenty of space, equipped with the latest technology, new HVAC system, new furniture, instructional tools, and even the ability to combine the two classrooms into one large gathering space. Moreover, the outdoor patio space immediately outside of the classrooms will be a wonderful environment to enjoy for small groups of students, staff, and our community. These classrooms will be open for business by the first day of school! All of this will assist us in our goal to ignite academic growth in our students…and the Timothy Auction helped to make it all possible!

It was a night to remember and one for the Timothy archives. From the performances of our music students to the remarks from the podium to the laughter and fellowship to the handshakes and hugs – it all felt genuinely perfect. Perhaps the biggest take away from the Auction was how much we all love Timothy Christian Schools. Thank you, Team Timothy, for your commitment to our mission. Our youth – our children and grandchildren – are counting on us! As we continue our journey and partnership together, and as we carry out our mission together, it shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us when we see our young people changing the world by fully living out God’s purpose for their lives.

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