All In.
Amy Bode

High School principal Dr. Mitchell has been the high school principal for eleven years — he’s also a Timothy parent. He believes that Christ-centered education is one of the best investments parents can make in their child’s life. 

How long have you been at Timothy?
I just finished my 11th year. But I’m also an alumni! I graduated in 1989. Christ-centered education had such a profound impact on me, it was a natural career choice. I also have five boys who graduated from Timothy and my twin girls are going to be in 5th grade. 

Wow! Full house! So you are all in on Christ-centered education?
I think it’s one of the most important investments you can make in your child’s life. At Timothy, everything from extracurriculars to the classroom to athletics is Christ-centered. To put it another way, Christ is at the heart of everything we do. From the moment a student walks through the doors in the morning to the minute they leave, the foundation they are surrounded by is rooted in Biblical Truth. 

What kind of academic opportunities does Timothy offer?
Timothy has a rigorous, excellence-driven program of academics. From AP, to Honors, to dual credit courses, every student is appropriately challenged. We have kids who are taking college level courses and getting college credit before they graduate from high school. It’s these kinds of opportunities that really set Timothy students on the right trajectory for academic and life success! 

Timothy has a rigorous, excellence-driven program of academics. From AP, to Honors, to Dual credit courses, every student is appropriately challenged.

What about extracurricular and co-curricular activities?
At Timothy we truly believe that those extra activities help complete a student’s education. Because of our size, we are very competitive — and not just with athletics — but with extracurriculars like VEI, who placed 13th at Nationals! ACES (Academic Challenges in Engineering and Sciences) won State. Our Mock Trial team is legendary and has a long list of accolades and State and National titles. These are the activities that make students well-rounded and let them explore their God-given gifts and talents. We encourage students to participate in two or more activities. There really is something for everyone. 

Timothy’s enrollment has really grown over the past few years; how has that affected the high school?
I love that enrollment numbers are up. That means that we can teach and train up the next generation of courageous leaders! Day in and day out, we are teaching our students to understand the love of Jesus. 

But doesn’t higher enrollment mean bigger class sizes?
We’ve added more classes and more square feet to the building. We’ve also been really intentional about our space. The high school includes learning pods that create community and flexibility. In addition, we have Focus Period every day. This is such an important tool for students and teachers. It’s built into the schedule, so no class time is ever missed. Teachers can pull students who they want to meet with, or students can sign up for a teacher’s Focus Period, where they receive one-on-one or small group instruction. In addition to Focus Period, teachers can help students before and after school. They want every student to succeed and readily make themselves available. 

What’s the best part about Timothy?
Our teachers. Not only are they the best in their field, but they love and pray for their students on a daily basis. They are passionate about what they do and work harder than anyone I know. They are all in. 

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