Party With a Purpose
Hope Huizenga, Class of 2024

What is Young Life? Parents, students, friends, and family members all want to know what this new Timothy organization is all about. In short, Young Life is a Christian organization that shares the gospel with teens in a fun and exciting way. 

For me, Young Life is another place for me to grow in my faith. I regularly attend every Wednesday. And here’s how it works. Young Life happens on and off campus every week. Alternating every Wednesday at 7:27pm (yes that’s the strangely specific time),  Club and Campaigners happen.

Club is the wild, more lively event (think party with a purpose) where students can bring all their friends to dance, play games, scream, laugh, and finish the night with a testimony from one of the leaders. 

One night at Club, a leader showed us a clip from The Chosen, Season 2, Episode 4. It was based on John 5:1-13 where Jesse, who could not walk, was at the Pool of Bethesda. He had been there for 38 years, hoping to be healed. “Jesus finally came and said: ‘Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.’ At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.” (John 5:8) 

I want to have faith like that. I want to have faith that the Lord can help me through the challenges that I have. Instead of turning to worldly things, I want to turn to the Lord for my strength. Young Life helps to encourage me to fully live my life trusting His will. 

Campaigners meets every other Wednesday and is a Bible study. We usually meet at another student’s house, there are always snacks, and it’s been life-changing to have support and encouragement through my faith journey. Although Campaigners does not sound as exciting as Club, it is my favorite part of Young Life because of the deep connections and conversations. 

Another way Young Life works to reach kids is through their camps. In 2021, the first Timothy Young Life summer camp group drove 12 hours to Castaway Camp in Minnesota. Then, in 2022, another group drove 5 hours to Timberwolf in Michigan. These camps are filled with different events including water sports, zip-lines, giant swings, go-karts, basketball, climbing walls, snack shops, and so much more. 

Young Life helps to encourage me to fully live my life trusting His will.

Once again, I was blown away by the people who were on fire for Jesus. It reignited my own faith. It was such an energetic time to be surrounded by other people who had such a desire to grow in their faith. This was the best week of my summer. And I’m not alone in feeling like that. My faith grew by leaps and bounds, and I could feel the presence of the Lord long after I left camp. 

Wyldlife is the middle school ministry of Young Life. Timothy middle school students meet during Focus Period, which they can sign up for at school. Plus, once a month all middle school students are invited to a Wyldlife Club that happens on a Friday night. Along with our Young Life leader, a group of Timothy juniors helps mentor the middle school students. It’s a win-win for all the students. Middle school students get to know older students who are actively living out their faith, and high school students learn how to be leaders and share their faith. 

I had the opportunity to be a Junior Leader. I didn’t know how much I would love volunteering as a leader until I started to get to know the middle school kids. Their excitement and energy is contagious! At Wyldlife we play crazy games, raffle prizes, dance, and then finish the night with a testimony from a high school student. I was really nervous when I gave mine. But I learned that the middle school students were excited and wanted to hear about my faith journey, which gives me the courage to talk about my faith to others. 

Eric Bando, Young Life Leader

Did you know? 

Timothy has its own Young Life chapter. Young Life is a worldwide Christian ministry that dates back to 1941 with the simple idea of sharing the life-changing truth of God’s love. The Timothy Young Life chapter was launched in the spring of 2021 as another way to support Timothy’s mission to uphold Biblical truth and develop life-long learners and servant leaders who fully live out their purpose in the world for Christ. 

Top Five Things You Should Know about Timothy’s Young Life:

Young Life is for high school students.

Wyldlife is for middle school students.

7:27pm The time Young Life starts. It’s quirky, but it works! 

Young Life Club Party with a purpose for high school students. Club meets every other Wednesday. 

Young Life Campaigners A Bible study for high school students. Campaigners meets at a student’s house every other Wednesday. 

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