Team Timothy
Amy Bode

It was a Thursday night, and we’d just celebrated the senior volleyball players. Parents had ordered pizza and brought homemade goodies for a community dinner after the game. But before everyone dug in, the coach prayed for the players, for their hearts, for their integrity, and that they would continue to grow into Christian men who served the Lord. 

Most parents wiped away tears; then the evening went on with laughter, sharing memories, and getting to know each other. There was no special entertainment or ceremony. It was simply a community of parents whose deepest desire is for their kids to use their gifts and talents to glorify God. 

This is the heart of Timothy. This is the Timothy community. 

I’ve been part of the Timothy community for almost two decades (if you’re new, it goes by fast, so hang on!). My oldest son graduated in 2021, my middle son will graduate in 2024, and my youngest is a rising sophomore. My kids have thrived under the excellence-driven program of academics, which you can read about in this issue of The Reflector. All three found their place in extracurriculars. My soon-to-be senior plays soccer and volleyball, while my daughter joined Scholastic Bowl and the drama department, landing a role as part of the ensemble in Timothy’s toe-tapping musical production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (check that out on page 82). 

I recently asked my rising college junior what was the most important part of his time at Timothy. Without hesitation, he said, “the community.” Three years later, when he returns to Timothy’s campus, he’s routinely stopped by his former teachers and coaches. In fact, as we headed back to our car after a volleyball game, we saw Matt Davidson, the superintendent, pulling out of the parking lot. Then we watched him turn his car around and circle back into the parking lot, just to check in on my son, to see how he’s doing in college.

This is the Timothy community. And it starts with Timothy’s leadership. You can read about how Matt Davidson takes the time to build community through his weekly high school Bible study, Unstoppable, on page 44. 

"Having a like-minded community of other parents who believe in the timeless virtues and values of the Bible has dramatically impacted my family’s life.”

The Timothy community isn’t just for the students. From the first day I stepped on campus, it was evident that my husband and I were part of the community as well. It’s this community that has made all the difference in my kids’ lives and mine as well. But don’t just take my word for it. Check out Joel and Jill Rhiner’s story about the importance of a
Christ-centered community in the alumni section on
page 116. 

I’ve been part of countless impromptu prayer groups, from parents on the soccer field, to praying on the volleyball court, to the first day of school prayers. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with other parents and wept for their kids, while others have offered me encouragement. Having a like-minded community of other parents who believe in the timeless virtues and values of the Bible has dramatically impacted my family’s life. This generation is facing more outside pressures than ever before. They need prayer, support and strong role models.

I need support, too! Raising kids is hard work. Can I get an Amen? 

Thanks for being part of, and praying for, Team Timothy! Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this issue of The Reflector


PS: If you’re still looking for ways to get plugged into the Timothy community, plan on joining us at one of our upcoming events. You’ll find the dates in this issue and also on the MyTimothy app. 

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