Upholding Biblical Truth
Amy Bode
In the 2022-2023 school year, 700 Bibles were given to elementary students, 104 Bibles were given away at the 8th Grade Celebration, and 100 Bibles were given to students at Matt Davidson's Unstoppable Bible study.

"Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” There’s no sweeter sound than preschoolers singing worship songs. On Friday, January 13, Timothy held a very special “Big Kid” chapel for preschool students. Every preschooler was paired up with a 3rd grade chapel buddy, then invited (along with all the preschool parents) to chapel in the auditorium. They sang songs and even had a special message from the PS-8th grade principal Mr. Justin Horne. At the end of the chapel every preschooler received their very own Bible! 

Principal Horne is on a mission. His goal: Give away 700 Bibles! Not only did the preschoolers receive a Storybook Bible, but every new 3rd-6th grade student received an Action Bible. “We’ve been trying to be intentional about making sure students have the Word of God at home,” Mr. Horne says. Big Kid Chapel for our preschoolers will become an annual tradition.

Everything we do at Timothy Christian Schools is Biblically-rooted and Christ-centered. And that means teaching students how to intentionally live out their faith. Timothy introduced nine Discipleship Practices that are integrated campus-wide into the curriculum. Upholding Biblical truth through practical, everyday lessons is just one more way Timothy Christian Schools is living out its mission. And doing it all for the glory of God!

“Everything stems from being Biblically-rooted. It can go from extending grace to someone who needs a little extra help with a concept or even relationship-building while working to solve a problem in a group.”

Campus-Wide Discipleship Practices: At Timothy we seek to be God’s image-bearers, centered on Christ and filled by the Spirit, giving all the glory to God.

  1. Biblically-Rooted: Immersing our minds and hearts daily
  2. Relationship-Building: Living in community with others while celebrating differences and seeking to make and be disciples.
  3. Service-Minded: Looking for opportunities to tangibly love others in humility.
  4. Prayer-Focused: Learning different ways to pray and building a prayerful life.
  5. Peace-Making: Seeking reconciliation in personal or observed conflicts.
  6. Justice-Driven: Ensuring others’ needs are met and standing up for what is right with Christ-like compassion.
  7. Grace-Extending: Giving others more than expected or deserved.
  8. Creation-Caring: Preserving and cultivating God’s world. 
  9. Wisdom-Seeking: Gaining discernment from the Bible, the Spirit, and other Christians.
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