Discovering A Calling To Care
Abby Schaafsma '20

An internship at central DuPage Hospital during Renew helped Abby Schaafsma find her calling.

Wake up. Get to the hospital. 7 am. Meet a new nurse. Check another file. Rush through the hallway. See another patient with another doctor. Another treatment with a different child. More rushing. Another floor with one more nurse. Squeeze in a break here, maybe eat lunch there. Dart down a different flight of stairs. Back with a new patient and another doctor. Watch another procedure. Talk with a nurse. Look at the clock. 7 pm. Head home. Go to bed. Repeat.

My Renew internship was exhausting, but I loved every second of it. 

During Renew, I had the opportunity to pursue an internship at Central DuPage Hospital. I shadowed a different nurse every day, so I was constantly seeing new things. The main floors I was stationed at were the pediatric unit (PEDS) and the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU). While exploring other units, I got to talk with labor and delivery nurses and also a few surgeons. 

I had an amazing Renew experience, and because of that, I'm considering going to nursing school.

I met new people daily. The nurses gave me advice and answered questions. They ushered me around each floor, showed me what their tasks were, and introduced me to their patients. I loved the rush of each unit and how everything and everyone fit together perfectly. 

Throughout the internship, the doctors allowed me to sit in on a few procedures. I saw an MRI on a sedated and unsedated child. I also watched a chest tube being removed and medications measured out and administered. I was blown away with how each nurse and doctor worked together during these operations. They moved so quickly, each knowing exactly what their job was and how to do it. 

I had an amazing experience, and because of that, I’m considering going to nursing school. I am passionate about helping others and it is something I want to continue doing. I know God was calling me to take this internship, and in the future, care for others.

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