Finding Her Voice
Leslie Ravencroft '19

Operatic singer, Dana McAdam, mastered German, Latin, and Italian and earned a college scholarship.

After three years of filling Timothy’s music department with the talent of her operatic voice, Dana McAdam reached further by applying to the American Choral Directors Association National Conference. Through nerves and anticipation, she sent in her perfectly prepared audition tape and eagerly awaited the response.

Within a few weeks, Dana was accepted into ACDA. The honors choir invited her to Kansas City for a week to learn new music and to perform with 300 of the best women’s choral singers.

“Everyday, for five days, we had two rehearsals a day,” Dana says, “rehearsals would go for three hours, and one night we didn’t get to leave until 9 pm!”

Dr. Sandra Snow, collegiate choir director from Western Michigan University, directed the honors choir. “I learned so much from Dr. Snow,” Dana says. “She really encouraged us to move and dance while we sang. It helped me keep the beat and I felt the music in my body.” 

The choir learned six songs. Dana tirelessly dedicated her days to persevering through the difficult pieces in Latin and German. “The German piece was by far the most challenging for me,” Dana says. 

Timothy has amazing teachers who are extremely willing to provide opportunities for me to perform. 

Finally, on their last day, the whole choir performed at the beautiful Kauffman Center in Kansas City. With the sounds from the Soprano-Alto choir, the acoustics resonated the beautiful tonality throughout the Kauffman Center. 

Mrs. Lanenga, Timothy’s choral director, helped Dana develop her tonality. She’s been involved in Concert Chorale, Chamber Choir, school musicals, and fine arts performances. “Timothy has amazing teachers who are extremely willing to provide opportunities for me to perform,” Dana says. 

In the fall, Dana will attend North Central College, while double majoring in musical theater and vocal performance. North Central College awarded Dana the Top Voice Scholarship and Musical Theater Scholarship. With her talent and interest in opera, Dana hopes to find a way of embracing her operatic voice after Timothy.

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