The One Thing
Amy Bode

Just over a year ago, I had emergency surgery. Initially my surgeon thought surgery would heal me. But the pathology came back with questionable cells. And that meant six rounds of chemo to search and destroy all my misbehaving cells. 

While I was going through treatment, the marketing committee at Timothy was busy working on revising our mission and motto. Hundreds of interviews took place — from faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni. Overwhelmingly, people came back with stories about the community that supported and loved them and came alongside them on this parenting journey.

At the same time, there was a small army of Timothy families that actively and graciously served my family. Some of the families I’d known for decades, others I’d just met. These Timothy families rallied around my family and prayed for us and had faith on days when I had none. 

I no longer took my kids’ education at Timothy for granted. I had an overwhelming sense of gratefulness when I watched my oldest son play soccer and huddle up with his teammates and pray. He was being physically and, more importantly, spiritually trained. 

What mattered the most — no matter my outcome — was that my three kids would continue to grow in faith. To claim it as their own. 

Even if I wasn’t around to see it. 

That could only happen at Timothy.

So when the entire board approved the new motto Go Beyond, I knew there couldn’t be two more perfect words to describe our community. Teachers Go Beyond every day and invest in our kids. Alumni Go Beyond and live out their purpose in the world for Christ. And hundreds of families Go Beyond, and oftentimes, quietly serve others in need. 

Go Beyond is a powerful call to action for our school, our community, and our students.

My prayer for my kids and my school kids is that they will develop an unshakeable faith.

By God’s grace and mercy, I was able to return to work. And it was my privilege to edit the Reflector. You’ll notice this issue is full of Go Beyond stories. For the first time, most of the stories were written, edited, and photographed by students on Story Team, an independent study for advanced students. These students all have an interest in journalism or photography — they love storytelling! 

As you can imagine, putting together a 112 page magazine is no easy task. But these talented students embraced the opportunity, met every deadline, and exceeded all expectations! 

Even though I’m proud of what they have accomplished, chemotherapy has forever changed my perspective. Not just for my three kids, but for my Story Team students, or rather, as they call themselves, my “school kids.” 

I want them to hone their God-given gifts and talents. But my prayer for my kids and my school kids, is that they will develop an unshakeable faith and have the courage to Go Beyond this community we call home and make a difference for Jesus Christ. Because in the end that’s the one thing that truly matters. 

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